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Audio Reading Award Scheme

31 Jan 2017

The objectives of the award scheme include 1) to build a good foundation for academic development; 2) to broaden students’ reading range, 3) to nurture students’ reading interests and habits and 4) to encourage students to read through Naxos Spoken Word Library and ebooks.

Scheme Details

You are encouraged to read regularly and widely throughout your academic study and required:

  • to read magazines, newspapers or books in English and/or Chinese
  • to enter the book information into your online Reading Journal
  • to share your reading insight in your online Reading Journal
  • Online Reading Journals will be checked once in an academic year (i.e. February) for endorsement.


  1. A Certificate will be awarded to you after you have read 5 books in English and submitted at least one of the reading journals.
  2. “Best Reader Award” will be presented to the best reader student selected by the SLLC coordinator.

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