Photocopying & Printing


Photocopiers operated by printing quota are available at Hung Hom Bay Library (9/F & 10/F) and West Kowloon Library (5/F & 6/F). Users are reminded to observe the Copyright Ordinance (The Laws of Hong Kong, Chapter 528) pertaining to photocopying practices.


Network Printing

All PC workstations in the Library are connected with network printers located in the following areas:

Black & White

  • 10/F, Hung Hom Bay Library (HHB Library);
  • in the hallway outside Room 1001; and
  • 5/F, West Kowloon Library (WK Library)


  • 9/F, Hung Hom Bay Library (HHB Library);
  • 6/F, West Kowloon Library (WK Library)

The network printers provide printing service charging to print quota.



Paper Size Black & White Color
A4 HK$0.2 per page = 2 print quotas HK$1.5 per page = 15 print quotas
A3 HK$0.4 per page = 4 print quotas HK$3.0 per page = 30 print quotas