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SAGE Online Video – How to Get Your Manuscript Published in Journal of International Medical Research (JIMR)

16 Nov 2020

Journal of International Medical Research (JIMR) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which focuses on original clinical and preclinical research, systematic and perspective reviews, meta-analyses, pilot studies and case reports, with every article accepted by peer review given a full technical edit to make all papers highly accessible to the international medical community. The journal is of particular interest to authors from countries where English is not the first language.


Do you feel restricted or powerless when you have to compose a manuscript in English?


Do you have any ideas on preparing a quality manuscript that has a higher chance of being accepted?


In the online video, the editor of JIMR, Dr. Gordon Mallarkey, providing the following advices on how to get your manuscript published in JIMR:

•           Common mistakes made by authors that led to rejection

•           What are the key parts that the editors pay attention to when reviewing papers

•           How to improve your manuscript before submission

•           How to prepare a qualified manuscript that is recognized by editors

•           Types of articles accepted by JIMR and what do editors expect that should be included in your manuscript

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