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Wisers’ Online Epidemic Report 3.0

05 Oct 2020

Further to the research “Epidemic Index 2.0” published by Wisers in June, this report analysed the big data with AI technology by sampling over 400,000 posts, 81.57 million engagements, and 5.41 million comments on social media since the middle of May.

Through an objective and neutral process, Wisers has continued tracking the pandemic trend and feeling the pulse and sentiment of the public in Hong Kong.

Key areas of the big data analysis in the report:

1. Relationship between epidemic and public opinions and its trends

2. Hong Kong people’s sentiment changes, what made them “furious”, “wearisome” and “saddening”?

3. How do citizens feel the impact from the epidemic in relation to clothing, dining, accommodation, transportation, work, study and entertainment?


Click here to download the e-report.


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