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IELTS Electronic Materials Online Video Guide

03 Sep 2020

Ready for the IELTS assessment? Take a look at the following online videos and get well prepared.


1. Road to IELTS provides:  

-       Instant performance feedback to help track your personal progress

-       Access to correct answers for practice exercises to help you understand any mistakes

-       Tips and advice for improving your test performance

-       Tasks based on existing IELTS exercises to help boost your confidence

2. Tense Buster covers:

-       33 key areas of English grammar at five levels from Elementary to Advanced

-       The learning areas at each level include grammar rules, pronunciation, vocabulary and listening

-       Interactive exercises with explanatory notes are available for self-learners to learn English grammar in a systematic manner

3. Practical Writing helps you:

-       Use written English both in your studies and personal life

-       Whether you’re writing a descriptive essay for your teacher or sending a message to a friend

-       structure your message, select the right vocabulary, and choose the most appropriate style

If you have any queries, please feel free to send your email to or call Learning Support Services at 3746 0853.


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