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My Favourite Movies Nomination Result

06 May 2019

The 11 most favourite nominated movies of My Favourite Movies Nomination are listed as follows:


Most Favourite Nominated Movies

Call No.


Spirited Away 《千與千尋》

PN1997.5 .S46 2008 / PN1997.5 .S46 2014 


Incredibles 2  《超人特攻隊2》

Coming Soon


More Than Blue 《比悲傷更悲傷的故事》

Coming Soon


Green Book 《綠簿旅友》

Coming Soon


Forrest Gump 《阿甘正傳》

PN1997 .F67 2009


The Greatest Showman 《大娛樂家》

PN1997.2 .G7327 2018 


Inside Out 《玩轉腦朋友》

PN1997.5 .I67 2015


Soul Mate《七月與安生》

PN1997.A14 Q5 2017 


Avengers: Infinity War《復仇者聯盟 3:無限之戰》

PN1997.2 .A9323 2018 


Bad Genius 《出貓特攻隊》

PN1997.2 .C48 2017 


La La Land 《星聲夢裡人》

PN1997.2 .L23 2017

Congratulations! The following students had won My Favourite Movies Nomination Lucky Draw. The winners will be notified by email and awarded with a HK$50 supermarket voucher to be collected at the CPCE Libraries. Please note that all unclaimed prizes will be forfeited after 18 May 2019.

Thank you for your participation.

Student Name

Student No. (first 4-digits)

CHAN Ha Ling 1701
CHAN Ming Kit 1802
CHAN Yan Chun 1619
CHEUNG Kam Yi 1706
CHOW Ka Yan 1704
FAN Ka Ho 1805
HO Tin Ling 1813
IP Ka Yan 1700
KAN Siu Ting Jeffy 1818
LAM Chor Yan 1805
LAM Hiu Laam 1801
LEE Hin Sing 1718
LEE Pak Ki 1708
LEUNG Kei Yan 1706
LI Wan Sing 1700
LO Hiu Fai 1714
LO Shuk Ching 1700
LO Wing Huen 1707
SIN Ho Ching 1717
SIN Sheung Wai 1704
SU Haojia 1718
TAM Tin 1805
TANG Sin Yi 1817
TUNG Yat Chun 1714
WONG Kam Ming 1712
WONG Ling Yee 1704
YIM Ka Hing 1717
YIP Pui Ting 1816
YIP Tik Hang 1711


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