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Let’s enjoy Summer Read (Free Book)
齊享夏日讀書樂 (免費書籍)

30 Apr 2018

You have a chance to get a free book in this summer. First Come, First Served!

From 30 April 2018 till 13 May 2018, students can select only ONE book ONCE, answer a question and submit an application via the following link for a chance of getting a free book.

  1. 圖解對話力: 快速做到30秒內說到重點: 
  1. 我們仨: 
  1. 解憂雜貨店: 
  1. 為了活下去脫北女孩朴研美 : 
  1. 二手時代:追求自由的烏托邦之路 (繁體中文) :

  HKCC and SPEED students
Deadline:  13 May 2018

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