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Write Your Own SLLC Diary
(Guided Independent English Learning Programme)

21 Sep 2017

The objective of the Write Your Own SLLC Diary is to arouse students’ awareness of independent language learning, keep track of their own study pattern and provide them with effective learning strategies.

Scheme Details

  • Think of your previous language learning habits and reflect on parts that you would like to share/ improve
  • Go to Virtual SLLC Moodle page to finish FOUR SLLC diary entries (each worksheet requires around 80-100 words of reflection)
  • Follow the questions and explore what self-learning is and how it can help you in your post-secondary study by finishing the worksheets
  • Submit all the diary entries through Virtue Self-learning Language (SLLC) (English) Moodle page

 This activity will be organized once every semester and submission deadlines will be on 17/11/2017 (Semester 1) and 13/4/2018 (Semester 2). A student can join this activity once every academic year.


  1. A personalised Certificate will be awarded to you after you have completed the reflection(s);
  2. Gift coupons up to $250 will be given to winners of the “Best Reflections” and writers of the shortlisted “Quality Reflections”
  3. Participants of SLLC activities can earn points for “English Enhancement Award Scheme 2017-18” to win Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards.

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