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Airiti Trial Collections
- On Trial until 31 Jul 2024

10 May 2024

The Airiti Trial Collections which cover Airiti Library and Ainosco Search will be extended till 31 Jul 2024 with an additional database, namely Academic Citation Index (ACI).


華藝線上圖書館  (Airiti Library)

It offers full-text access to academic journal articles, degree theses and dissertations as well as conference papers in Chinese language mainly since 1991.


- Full-text search, mutual searches and advanced searches etc
- PlumX gathers 5 categories of metrics for scholarly research output to reveal the influence
- Individualized services, downloading records, watch lists, and record of search etc
- Support for RefWorks and can directly output APA and MLA bibliographic formats
- Display the most common words and phrases that have appeared in an article and identify their subject domains for easy reference and further study

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華藝ACI學術引用文獻資料庫 (Academic Citation Index (ACI))

ACI is a database designed for publications in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences published in Chinese language. It includes the complete set of Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) journals and the Taiwan Humanities Citation Index (THCI).


- Offer to view literature from articles, journals, disciplines, institutions, and authors and analyze the citation relationships
- Integrate with the Airiti Library to help understand the relationship and derivation between different references, and facilitate linking to further references
- Provide in-depth citation analysis and statistical analysis on keywords
- Provide analytical reports on bibliographic metering

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是科探索 (Ainosco Search)

Ainosco Search supports content search across more than 30,000 titles in the database of Chinese-language academic books. It is designed to help researchers find book content they need more easily, and, subsequently, to make more Chinese-language books discoverable.


- Support content search as well as multiple words and phrases searching
- Priority inclusion of Chinese-language academic books published over the past 10 years. Current collection covers 30% of academic books published in the past 5 years.

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