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Emerald Journal Reading Quiz : The Evolution of Streaming Platforms
Emerald期刊閱讀測驗 : 串流娛樂大問哉

27 Oct 2023

From now until 30 Nov 2023, all CPCE Staff and Students are welcome to join the Emerald Journal Reading Quiz: The Evolution of Streaming Platforms.

In the diverse landscape of streaming platforms, how can you capture consumers' attention in this fiercely competitive market? This quiz allows you to explore the evolution of streaming platforms, their successes, and challenges.

How to participate:

  • Connect to CPCE Wi-Fi, make use of the hints, and answer all questions in the quiz.
  • Participants with all correct answers are offered a chance to bring prizes home.
  • One entry per person per day. Maximum 40 entries during the quiz period.
  • Winners who fail to reply within 10 business days will consider giving up the prize and a redraw will be conducted.

Start Now!

1st: AirPods 3 X 1
2nd: Logitech POP KEYS keyboard X 1
3rd: Xiaomi Band 8 Pro X 1
4th: Philips electric toothbrush X 1

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