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Emerald Journal Reading Quiz

18 Apr 2023

From now until 26 May 2023, all CPCE Staff and Students are welcome to join the Emerald Journal Reading Quiz: Knowledge Behind Gastronomic Delight. This quiz allows you to learn about the knowledge behind food, complete with Chinese-English translations.

How to participate: Connect to CPCE Wi-Fi, make use of the hints, and answer all questions in the quiz. Participants with all correct answers are offered a chance to bring prizes home.

  • One entry per person per day.
  • Winners who fail to reply within 10 business days will consider as giving up the prize and a redraw will be conducted.

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First Prize: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds X 1
Second Prize: Nordace Travel Backpack X 1
Third Prize: K380+M350 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse X 1

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