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New Subscription – Si Ku Series <四庫系列數據庫>

15 Jul 2019

Si Ku Series compiled the complete collection of the Imperial Library in the Qianlong period of Qing dynasty. It includes four categories: 四庫著錄書, 四庫存目書, 四庫奏毀書, 四庫未收書.

Key features:

  • The largest collection of texts in pre-modern China (1773 A.D. – 1782 A.D.)
  • Cover every field of knowledge from literature through philosophy to science & technology to medicine and more
  • Complete with the authoritative commentaries and explanations
  • Texts and original images are both included for textual studies
  • A searchable database with copy & paste, bookmark and online dictionary functions

For access, select Ancient Classics on main page, click login and choose 四庫系列數據庫.

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