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My Favourite Movies Nomination Result Announcement

02 May 2017

My Favourite Movies Nomination was ended successfully on 22 April 2017. Thank you for your nomination. Please find the 11 most favourite nominated movies as per the following table.

No. Title Call No.
1 La La Land《星聲夢裡人》 Coming Soon
2 Zootopia《優獸大都會》 PN1997.5 .Z667 2016
3 Beauty and the Beast《美女與野獸》 Coming Soon
4 Titanic《鐵達尼號》 PN1997 .T557 2012
5 Hacksaw Ridge《鋼鋸嶺》 Coming Soon
6 Moonlight《月亮喜歡藍》 Coming Soon
7 The Matrix《廿二世紀殺人網絡》 PN1997 .M38 1999
8 Inception《潛行凶間》 PN1997.2 .I52 2010
9 Inside out《玩轉腦朋友》 PN1997.5 .I67 2015
10 Forrest Gump《阿甘正傳》 PN1997 .F67 2009
11 Les Miserables《孤星淚》 PN1997.2 .M5733 2013

CPCE Libraries is delighted to announce the lucky draw winners as shown below.

Student Name Student No. (first 4-digits)
CHAN Man Hei 1602
CHEUNG Ka Ki 1506
FUNG Tsz Yan 1613
HAR Lai Shun Harry 1506
HO Wan Cheung 1614
KHATRI Sita 1619
LEE Yan Tsun 1611
LUK Ka Yu 1514
MACK Chun To 1520
MAK Yau Heng 1616
MAN Yun Hung 1617
NG Siu Pong 1510
NG Wing Yee 1601
SUM Oi Lam Elise 1603
TSANG Ka Yan 1514
TSE Pik Man 1504
WONG Ka Ki 1513
WONG Tsz Yiu 1616
WU Sixia 1612
YUEN May Ling Jacqueline 1612

Winners will be notified by email to collect HK$50 gift voucher each at CPCE Libraries.  All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited after 31 May 2017.


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