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Special Measures for Revision & Examination Period

11 Apr 2017


(I) 閉館後研習座位通宵開放

  1. 紅磡灣圖書館十樓的小組研習室/角及
  2. 西九龍圖書館四樓研習區
  • 於閉館後,將通宵開放至上午8:00(包括星期日)。
  • 座位不設預約。
  • 延長開放時間期間,兩圖書館館藏均不會開放。


  • 無論何時均須攜帶學生証,並按要求向校園設施管理辦事處職員出示,以作身份核實。
  • 於晚上11:00至上午8:00,校園設施管理辦事處職員會記錄姓名、學生証號碼及聯絡號碼。使用者須到紅磡灣校園或西九龍校園LG/F的校園設施管理辦事處保安控制室報告進出。
  • 保安人員將巡查及维持上述設施的秩序。學院可對犯了任何不當行為的學生採取紀律行動。
  • 於上午8:00至9:00,上述設施會關閉進行清潔。


  • 當圖書館關閉時,所有使用者必須帶同所有個人物品於5樓圖書館離開。
  • 如需外借館藏,須於5樓圖書館櫃台辦理外借手續。
  • 校園設施管理辦事處職員會在圖書館關閉後,打開4樓的出口門扇,同學可乘搭6號升降機經此門扇,進出4樓研習區。

(II) 小組研習室/角作臨時個人研習座位


  • 紅磡灣圖書館所有小組研習角
  • 西九龍圖書館小組研習室 2A,2B,3A,3B,10至18

(III) 「反噪音及反座位霸佔」運動


  • 在圖書館內,特別是個人研習區,必須保持肅靜;如需小組硏習,請使用小組硏習室。違規者將按圖書館規則處理。
  • 根據圖書館規則第5.4項,不可霸佔座位,諸如放置書籍,包括本館書籍,或其他物件於桌子或座椅上。
  • 座位被無人看管之物件佔據20分鐘後,其他讀者可使用該座位。
  • 研習區會被定時巡查,無人看管之物件會遭移走。圖書館概不負責任何個人財物的遺失或損壞。
  • 推己及人,於用畢設施後,請立即騰空座位。


CPCE Libraries will carry out the following arrangements to facilitate the preparation of your examinations:

(I) Overnight Opening of Study Places after Library Closing

  1. Group Study Rooms/Corners on 10/F HHB Library and
  2. Study places on 4/F WK Library
  • Will continue to open overnight until 8:00 am next morning (including Sunday) for study purpose.
  • No prior reservation is required.
  • During the extended opening, there is no access to library materials at both Libraries.

Reminders to All Users:

  • Student identity card should be carried at all times and presented to CFM staff for identity verification upon request.
  • CFM staff will record name, student identity number and contact number during the period of 11:00pm to 8:00am. Users should report entry and leave via the CFM Security Control Room on LG/F, HHB Campus or WK campus.
  • Security personnel will patrol and maintain the order of the facilities above-mentioned. The College may take disciplinary actions against any student who commits any misconduct.
  • The facilities above-mentioned will be closed for cleaning between 8:00am and 9:00am.

Reminders to 4/F WK Library Users:

  • During WK Library closing, users on all floors must leave the WK Library with all their personal belongings.
  • They have to leave the Library on 5/F and check out library materials if any, at the Library Counter on 5/F.
  • Students can take Lift No. 6 to reach the 4/F Library Study places. Campus Facilities Management Office will open the door for 4/F Study places after WK Library is closed.

(II) Group Study Rooms/Corners as Temporary Self-study Seats

To provide more seats for self-study, the following facilities will be converted to self-study seats during examination period. The use of these seats is similar to the other self-study seats. NO booking and NO reservation are required.

  • All Group Study Corners in HHB Library
  • Group Study Rooms 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 10 to 18 in WK Library

(III) Anti-Noise and Anti-Seat-Reservation Campaign

To ensure a quiet study environment and sufficient seating as far as possible, the CPCE Libraries will conduct the Anti-Noise and Anti-Seat-Reservation Campaign. Users are reminded that:

  • SILENCE must be observed in the Libraries, particularly in the Self-study Areas. If group study is needed, please use the Group Study Room. Noisy users will be dealt with according to the CPCE Libraries Regulation.
  • According to CPCE Libraries Regulations 5.4, NO SEAT RESERVATION is allowed by the placement of books, including books of the CPCE Libraries, or other materials on tables or seats.
  • Seats occupied by unattended objects for 20 minutes may be taken up by other users.
  • Study areas will be patrolled at intervals. Unattended belongings will be removed. The CPCE Libraries will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal property.
  • Be considerate and clear your seating area once you have finished using it.