Working Paper Series

Author List : A - Z


Year Issue No. Paper No. Title Author(s)
2015 2 3 Healthy use of internet and personal knowledge management in knowledge-based economy and tertiary education Lo, Man-fung
Ng, Artie W.
Fong, Ben
Ho, Wing-tung
2015 2 5 Mammography and breast cancer screening among Hong Kong women Fong, Ben
Kwok, Elaine Y.T.
Ng, Daisy K.Y.
Leung, Kenneth K.W.
2015 3 1 Knowledge and participation of health promoting practices in college students in Hong Kong: a pilot survey Fong, Ben
Wong, Sze-yin, Shirley
Ho, Wing-tung
Wong, Wing
Wong, Man-yee, Tina
Chan, Pui-yi
Lee Shuk-han
2015 3 9 Promoting electronic health record (eHR) sharing system in Hong Kong: what can we learn from Taiwan Fong, Ben
Cheung, Wing-yan
Ho, Sze-wing
Leung, Ka-man
Tse, Wang-chi
Tsim, Wing-tan
Yick, Chun-siu
Yu, San-ni
2016 4 1 Universal health care in Hong Kong: lessons from Taiwan and Singapore Fong, Ben
Kan, Man Hin
Ho, Sze Ho
Leung, Ho
Wong, John
Mok, Cho Wing
2016 4 6 A review of academic stress among Hong Kong undergraduate students Chiu, Wang Kin
Ng, Ka Chun
Fong, Ben
2016 4 13 Challenges for mental health system in Hong Kong Fong, Ben
Wong, Man-yee, Tina
2016 4 14 The long-term sustainability of the Hong Kong healthcare system Fong, Ben
Wong, Locus
2016 5 7 Promotion of weight control in Hong Kong Fong, Ben
Shum, Pak Yin
2016 5 8 How effective is the “” campaign in Hong Kong? Fong, Ben
Wan, W. L., Alison
Chan, K. Y., Elsa
2018 6 3 Evaluation of sex education for adolescents in Hong Kong Fong, Ben
Chan, Chi To
2018 6 4 Review of primary health care in Hong Kong Fong, Ben
Kaur, Sukhpreet
Hui, C. Y., May
So, S. Y., Charlie
Chu, Y. C., Frank
Lam, K. H., Dicky
Wong, K. L., Kaelyn
Wong, W. H., Natalie
Li, T. H., David
2018 6 5 The efficacy of employing electronic cigarettes in smoking cessation Fong, Ben
Mak, W.N., Rachel
2018 6 6 How to reduce the waiting time of total joint replacement in Hong Kong? Fong, Ben
Tsui, Yee Man
2018 6 7 “Picky eating” among Hong Kong children Fong, Ben
Ng, Wing Yee, Jessy
2018 6 9 Health impacts of insomnia and preventive strategies Fong, Ben
Lau, H. Y., Alex