Working Paper Series

Publication Year:


Year Issue No. Paper No. Title Author(s)
2014 1 1 Why do Hong Kong young people like to visit Japan? An exploratory study Tavitiyaman, Pimtong
Xu, Jing Bill
2014 1 2 Disclosure level and cost of equity capital of IPO firms : evidence from Singapore Jian, Ming
Xu, Ming
2014 1 3 Media victimization, risk, and fear : a grounded theory analysis of media content in Hong Kong Du, Juana
Tong, Suk Chong
2014 1 5 A conceptual management model of strategic enrolment, graduation and articulation (SEGA) in self-financing tertiary education in Hong Kong Chan, Jason
Mak, Connie
Ng, Peggy
Wong, Phoebe
2015 2 1 Applications of legal aspects in the hospitality industry in Hong Kong Ko, Annie
Tavitiyaman, Pimtong
2015 2 2 Quality management measures in food supply chain : an overview and case study of McDonald?s Hong Kong Cheng, Wah-on, Calvin
Yuen, Sheung-man, Simon
2015 2 3 Healthy use of internet and personal knowledge management in knowledge-based economy and tertiary education Fong, Ben
Ho, Wing-tung
Lo, Man-fung
Ng, Artie W.
2015 2 4 Researching both macro-level and micro-level issues of English Language Teaching (ELT) textbooks and materials Guo, Nancy, Songdan
2015 2 5 Mammography and breast cancer screening among Hong Kong women Fong, Ben
Kwok, Elaine Y.T.
Leung, Kenneth K.W.
Ng, Daisy K.Y.
2015 2 6 Applying whole-brain-teaching in self-financed top-up degrees : an exploratory action research Wong, Adam
2015 2 7 Trust among organizations in lift maintenance services Wut, Edmund
2015 3 1 Knowledge and participation of health promoting practices in college students in Hong Kong: a pilot survey Chan, Pui-yi
Fong, Ben
Ho, Wing-tung
Lee Shuk-han
Wong, Man-yee, Tina
Wong, Sze-yin, Shirley
Wong, Wing
2015 3 2 A longitudinal study of hospitality undergraduate students? approaches to learning: a case study of self-financed college Chan, Benny
Chow, Billie
2015 3 3 State capacity: one concept, many forms? Chan, Alex Wo-shun
2015 3 4 Adoption of intelligent transportation system: Hong Kong bus companies Lau, Yui-yip
Ng, Wei-lok, Camellia
2015 3 5 3D medical image processing through multiple mobile devices Peng, Kang-lin, Ken
2015 3 6 Student perception on a student response system formed by combining mobile phone and a polling web site Wong, Adam
2015 3 7 Fundraising-related market orientation among non-profit organisations in Hong Kong: a literature review and research agenda Lee, S. M., Daisy
Markham, Paul A.
2015 3 8 Learning academic English through tailored MOOCs materials: a study of associate degree HK students Wu, Wenli, Wendy
2015 3 9 Promoting electronic health record (eHR) sharing system in Hong Kong: what can we learn from Taiwan Cheung, Wing-yan
Fong, Ben
Ho, Sze-wing
Leung, Ka-man
Tse, Wang-chi
Tsim, Wing-tan
Yick, Chun-siu
Yu, San-ni
2016 4 1 Universal health care in Hong Kong: lessons from Taiwan and Singapore Fong, Ben
Ho, Sze Ho
Kan, Man Hin
Leung, Ho
Mok, Cho Wing
Wong, John
2016 4 2 An exploratory study of Chinese adolescent ESL learners' L2 writing: functional text analysis perspective Xuan, Winfred
2016 4 3 Customer protection in the controversial industry: the role of responsible gambling Leung, Cheng Han, Tiffany
2016 4 4 Narrowing the gap between digital marketing education and practice: a conceptual framework Lo, Man-fung
Ng, Peggy
2016 4 5 E-learning for professional development - an integrated approach Wong, Adam
2016 4 6 A review of academic stress among Hong Kong undergraduate students Chiu, Wang Kin
Fong, Ben
Ng, Ka Chun
2016 4 7 National culture and corporate social responsibility practice Wut, Edmund
2016 4 8 An exploration of incentives motivating WeChat uses in China Feng, Qi, Eileen
2016 4 9 The adaptation and appropriation of Japanese kimono in Hong Kong society Lau, Leung Che, Miriam
2016 4 10 Reflecting on the flipped classroom through student feedback Peng, Kang-lin, Ken
2016 4 11 An investigation of fruits and vegetables consumption among university students in Hong Kong Cheng, P. C., Eden
Cheung, T. Y., Simon
Tang, Y. T., Jessica
2016 4 12 Health information searching behaviour among college students in Hong Kong: an exploratory study Au, Chi Shing
Cheung, T. Y., Simon
Ho, Wing-tung
Kwok, Yee Ting
Wong, Man-yee, Tina
2016 4 13 Challenges for mental health system in Hong Kong Fong, Ben
Wong, Man-yee, Tina
2016 4 14 The long-term sustainability of the Hong Kong healthcare system Fong, Ben
Wong, Locus
2016 4 15 A comparative study on students' acceptance of using mobile device-based student response system for classroom learning Wong, Adam
Wong, Simon
2016 4 16 Motion-sensing exercise system for old adults - literature review and design considerations Lee, Chun Wing, Alex
Wong, Adam
2016 5 1 Challenges encountered in building preservation and revitalisation in Hong Kong Chan, H. L., Joseph
Chan, Y. M., Theresa
Wong, K. H., Anthony
Yu, S. Y., Christy
2016 5 2 Research design for investigating learning performance from multimedia learning on a sorting algorithm Chan, Pat
Tsang, Ken
Wong, Simon
2016 5 3 A synthesis of research on genre in educational context: systemic functional perspective Xuan, Winfred
2016 5 4 A lexical-syntactic approach to argument realization in Mandarin resultative V-V compounds Yao, Jennifer
2016 5 5 A review on high frequency intraday trading in Hong Kong stock market Liu, Marcus
2016 5 6 Critical analysis on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions of consumers’ purchase intention: a case study of luxury handbags Chan, Ka Yan, Regina
Lau, Yui-yip
2016 5 7 Promotion of weight control in Hong Kong Fong, Ben
Shum, Pak Yin
2016 5 8 How effective is the “” campaign in Hong Kong? Chan, K. Y., Elsa
Fong, Ben
Wan, W. L., Alison