Self-learning Language Centres

Self-learning Language Centres (SLLC)

Two Self-learning Language Centres library corners are located respectively in the CPCE libraries of the PolyU HHB Campus (10/F turn left after passing through the entrance) and the PolyU WK campus (4/F one floor down after passing through the entrance). You can also access the SLLC online through this Moodle page (Virtual Self-learning Language Centre). SLLC provides a variety of language support including English, Chinese, Putonghua, Japanese, French, German, Korean and Spanish to assist CPCE students in their independent language development. As a CPCE student, you can use the SLLC to study and practice language independently. We hope all services we provide in this centre will help you become an active independent learner who can:    SLLC Logo
  • motivate yourself to learn
  • assess your own strengths, weaknesses and needs
  • set your learning objective(s) (i.e. what, how, where and when to learn)
  • work on your study plan
  • evaluate your learning performance
  • revise your learning objective/study plan after the evaluation

The SLLC's resources include:

  • Books that help develop your language skills for language enhancement and exam preparation, namely, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge EBC, and GMAT.
  • Electronic self-learning English programmes such as Active Reading, Clear Pronunciation, Customer Service Communication Skills, English for Hotel Staff, Study Skills Success, etc.
  • Audio-visual materials like movies, TV programs, and DVDs
  • Online resources for practising and developing language skills that comprehensively cover Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
  • Tailor-made workshops and services for guided independent English learning programme, self-study skills and English enhancement workshops.