Work-related e-Books

No. Title Author Call No. Publication Year Platform
1 25 things to say to the interviewer, to get the job you want + how to get a promotion Hawk, Dexter 2016 Naxos Spoken Word Library
2 365 ideas for recruiting, retaining, motivating and rewarding your volunteers : Fader, Sunny, 2017 ProQuest
3 51 tools for transforming your training Hare, Kimberley 2016 ProQuest
4 A career as a social media manager Mapua, Jeff 2018 ProQuest
5 Accelerated leadership development Wichert, Ines C. 2018 ProQuest
6 An everyone culture : becoming a deliberately developmental organization Kegan, Robert 2016 EBSCOhost
7 Ask the right questions, hire the best people Fry, Ronald W. 2018 ProQuest
8 Board-Seeker : Your Guidebook and Career Map into the Corporate Boardroom Ward, Ralph. 2018 iG Library
9 Careers for dummies Marty, Nemko 2018 Books 24x7
10 Careers for the criminal justice major : Mijares, Tomas C. 2018 ProQuest
11 Careers in chiropractic health care 2017 ProQuest
12 Careers in sales, insurance & real estate 2016 ProQuest
13 Careers in transportation. 2019 ProQuest
14 Contemporary human resources management in the tourism industry Tuzunkan, Demet, 2019 ProQuest
15 Creating job ownership Stewart, Henry, 1959- Speaker. 2019 Henry Stewart Talks
16 Dealing with Difficult People (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series) Review, Harvard Business. 2018 EBSCOhost
17 Employability and first line managers Neugebauer, John. Speaker. 2018 Henry Stewart Talks
18 Employee rights Higgins, M. G. 2017 EBSCOhost
19 Getting to Like : How to Boost Your Personal and Professional Brand to Expand Opportunities, Grow Your Business, and Achieve Financial Success Goldman, Jeremy 2016 Books24x7
20 How to become a sport and exercise psychologist . Eubank, Martin. 2017 ProQuest
21 How to create a coaching culture Jones, Gillian (Business consultant) 2018 ProQuest
22 How to create digital portfolios to apply for college and jobs Chomet, Natalie 2018 ProQuest
23 Is your school lying to you? : get the career you want : get the life you deserve Williams, Edd 2017 ProQuest
24 Job interview basics Higgins, M. G. 2017 EBSCOhost
25 Kick Some Glass : 10 Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms Martineau, Jennifer W. 2019 Books24x7
26 Leading science & technology-based organizations Graffeo, Anthony 2019 ProQuest
27 Learning and development Page-Tickell, Rebecca 2018 ProQuest
28 Performance management Ashdown, Linda 2018 ProQuest
29 Preparing a resume Higgins, M. G. 2017 EBSCOhost
30 Psychological empowerment and job satisfaction in the banking sector George, Elizabeth 2018 ProQuest
31 Recruitment interviewing Morrison, Neil, (Penguin Random House, UK) Speaker. 2017 Henry Stewart Talks
32 Resilience at work Jackson, Kathryn, 2019 ProQuest
33 Resilience at work : practical tools for career success Jackson, Kathryn, 1972- 2019 ProQuest
34 Self evaluation Morrison, Neil, (Penguin Random House, UK) Speaker. 2017 Henry Stewart Talks
35 So you want to be a fashion designer : here's the info you need McGinnes, Lisa. 2017 EBSCOhost
36 Stretch : How to Future-Proof Yourself for Tomorrow's Workplace Willyerd, Karie 2016 Books24x7
37 The business of sleep : how sleeping better can transform your career Culpin, Vicki, 1971- 2018 ProQuest
38 The compass and the radar : the art of building a rewarding career while remaining true to yourself Gallo, Paolo 2019 ProQuest
39 The Concise Coaching Handbook Dickinson, Elizabeth. 2018 iG
40 The handbook of career and workforce development research, practice, and policy 2017 ProQuest
41 The management of global careers : exploring the rise of international work Dickmann, Michael 2018 ProQuest
42 Ultimate job search : master the art of finding your ideal job, getting an interview and networking Williams, Lynn 2018 ProQuest
43 Ultimate psychometric tests : over 1000 practical questions for verbal, numerical, diagrammatic and personality tests Bryon, Mike 2018 ProQuest
44 Vocational skills training, the ICZ way McLean, Simon, (University of Salford, UK) Speaker. 2018 Henry Stewart Talks
45 你的職業我的經 馬銀春. 2017 iRead eBook
46 圖解式金融市場常識與職業道德 金融編輯小組. 2018 iRead eBook
47 就業服務乙級學術科技能檢定題庫寶典 黃皇凱. 2018 iRead eBook
48 就業服務乙級技能檢定學術科考照祕笈 珍妮. 2018 iRead eBook
49 我是職業經理人 : 供給側改革時如何做好企業掌門人 謝日輝. 2017 iRead eBook
50 理財規劃人員專業能力測驗一次過關 可樂. 2018 iRead eBook
51 How you learn is how you live : using nine ways of learning to transform your life Peterson, Kay (Executive coach) BF318.5 .P484 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
52 The psychology of high performance : BF412 .P87 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
53 Work & human behavior Neff, Walter S. (Walter Scott), BF481 .N34 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
54 Employees' emotional intelligence, motivation & productivity, and organizational excellence Chakrabarti, Gagari, editor. BF576 .C435 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
55 The management of living beings or emo-management / Hoorebeke, Delphine van BF576 .H66 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
56 Bringing Mindfulness to Your Workplace Wang, Zhengzi BF632 .W36 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
57 101 careers in counseling Hodges, Shannon BF636.6 .H63 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
58 How to become a counselling psychologist Kasket, Elaine BF636.64 .K37 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
59 Setting up and running a therapy business : Rye, James (Counselor) BF636.64 .R94 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
60 The psychologist's guide to professional development Bohall, Greg BF76 .B643 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
61 Becoming a psychology professor : Boysen, Guy A. BF76 .B69 2020eb 2020 ProQuest
62 Building a career outside academia BF76 .B85 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
63 Professional responsibility and professionalism : Fenwick, Tara J. BJ1725 .F46 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
64 Careers if you like history MacKay, Jenny, D16.19 .M35 2017eb 2017 Gale eBooks
65 Careers in travel and hospitality Kallen, Stuart A., G155.5 .K35 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
66 Careers in environmental conservation Wilcox, Christine GE115 .W548 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
67 Using anthropology in the world : Nolan, Riall W. GN41.8 .N65 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
68 Getting paid to make cosplay costumes and props Mihaly, Christy GV1201.8 .M54 2017eb 2017 Gale eBooks
69 Careers if you like video games Mooney, Carla, GV1469.3 .M65 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
70 Great coaching and your bottom line : Hizak, Marijan GV711 .H59 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
71 Coaching : a realistic perspective Sabock, Michael D., 1955- GV711 .S22 2017eb 2017 ebrary
72 Careers if you like sports Kallen, Stuart A., GV734 .K35 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
73 Careers in sports & fitness. GV734.3 .C37 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
74 Great jobs in sports Feldman, Heidi Carolyn, GV734.3 .F45 2019eb 2019 Gale eBooks
75 Careers in sports and fitness Schmidt, Debra GV734.3 .S36 2016eb 2016 Gale eBooks
76 Entrepreneurial you : monetize your expertise, create multiple income streams, and thrive Clark, Dorie HB615 .C647 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
77 Cracking the IT architect interview Paradkar, Sameer HC79.I55 P373 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
78 Breaking through bias : communication techniques for women to succeed at work Kramer, Andrea S. HD30.3 .K695 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
79 Training international managers Melkman, Alan HD30.4 .M455 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
80 Profession and purpose : a resource guide for MBA careers in sustainability Kross, Katie HD38.2 .K76 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
81 Careers in business administration Mooney, Carla, HD38.2 .M66 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
82 Your next role : how to get ahead and get promoted O'Keeffe, Niamh HD38.2 .O422 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
83 Cool careers without college for people who love planning and organizing Pelos, Rebecca HD38.2 .P45 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
84 A guide for dual-career couples : rewriting the rules Sprunt, Eve HD4904.25 .S678 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
85 Leading professionals Empson, Laura HD57.7 .E47 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
86 Leadership by engineers and scientists : professional skills needed to succeed in a changing world Hess, Dennis W. HD57.7 .H477 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
87 Cosmopolitan managers : executive development that works Iñiguez de Onzoño, Santiago HD57.7 .I54 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
88 Extraordinary influence : Irwin, Tim, HD57.7 .I793 2018eb 2018 Books 24x7
89 Leadership lessons for health care providers Lexa, Frank J. HD57.7 .L494 2017eb 2017 Gale eBooks
90 Leadership : finding balance between ambition and acceptance Marques, Joan HD57.7 .M377 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
91 Building better students : preparation for the workforce HD5706 .B855 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
92 Technical career survival handbook : 100 things you need to know Burke, Peter Y. HD5706 .B87 2017eb 2017 Gale eBooks
93 Employment, the small firm and the labour market HD5707 .E45 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
94 Psychology of career adaptability, employability and resilience HD5713 .P79 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
95 The Palgrave handbook of global perspectives on emotional labor in public service HD5713.5 .P354 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
96 Managerial communication for professional development / Bell, Reginald L. HD58.7 .B45 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
97 Counterproductive work behaviors : understanding the dark side of personalities in organizational life Cohen, Aaron, 1952- HD58.7 .C62129 2018eb 2018 Books24x7
98 Autonomous learning in the workplace / HD58.8 .A87 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
99 站在公司的角度考慮問題 鄭一群 HD58.8 .Z4464 2018eb 2018 iRead
100 Learning and Development Page-Tickell, Rebecca HD58.82 .P34 2018eb 2018 Books 24x7
101 Precarious professional work Styhre, Alexander HD5857 .S79 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
102 How to succeed in a PR agency : real talk to grow your career & become indispensable / Kristin Johnson, Shalon Roth. Johnson, Kristin (Public relations consultant) HD59 .J646 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
103 Women and careers : HD6053 .W6273 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
104 HBR guide for women at work HD6054.3 .H27 2019eb 2019 EBSCOhost
105 The influence effect : a new path to power for women leaders Heath, Kathryn, 1949- HD6054.3 .H43 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
106 The confidence effect : every woman's guide to the attitude that attracts success Killelea, Grace HD6054.3 .K45 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
107 Overcoming challenges to gender equality in the workplace HD6060 .O94 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
108 From spinster to career woman : Young, Arlene HD6136 .Y68 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
109 Youth employment in tourism and hospitality Walmsley, Andreas HD6270 .W35 2016eb 2016 Gale eBooks
110 Brilliant graduate career handbook Done, Judith HD6277 .D66 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
111 Brilliant employability skills : how to stand out from the crowd in the graduate job market Trought, Frances HD6277 .T76 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
112 Winning in the robotic workplace : Wasik, John F. HD6331 .W255 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
113 Performance coaching for complex projects Llewellyn, Tony (Executive coach) HD66 .L57 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
114 Project managers at work Harpham, Bruce HD69.P75 H377 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
115 LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies Serdula, Donna HD69.S8 .S47 2017eb 2017 Books24x7
116 Think like an entrepreneur, act like a CEO : 50 indispensable tips to help you stay afloat, bounce back, and get ahead at work Jones, Beverly E. HD8038.A1 J66 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
117 Coping with aggressive behaviour McGregor, Jane, Dr. HD8038.A1 M347 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
118 Rethinking international skilled migration HD8038.A1 R48 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
119 Employment Relations in Financial Services Gall, Gregor HD8039.F472 G74 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
120 Sustainable hospitality and tourism management MacLean, Margaret Ann HD8039.H8 M335 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
121 Management careers and education in shipping and logistics Dinwoodie, John HD8039.S42 D569 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
122 Get a job at the grocery store Reeves, Diane Lindsey, HD9320.5 .R44 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
123 Careers in renewable energy Nardo, Don, HD9502.5.C542 N37 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
124 Careers in manufacturing & production HD9720.5 .C37 2016eb 2016 Gale eBooks
125 Leadership and organization in the aviation industry Lumpe, Marc-Philippe HE9780 .L867 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
126 Get a job at the airport Rhatigan, Joe HE9797 .R43 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
127 Studying for your future employability : a business student's guide Tyler, Sheila, 1950- HF1106 .T954 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
128 MBA in a Week : All the Insights of a Master of Business Administration Degree in Seven Simple Steps Finn, Alan HF1131 .F56 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
129 More than half the sky? Al-Sadik-Lowinski, Bettina HF5381 .A4 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
130 More than half the sky? : descriptions and determinants of the career development of female Chinese senior executives working at multinational companies in China / Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski. Al-Sadik-Lowinski, Bettina HF5381 .A4 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
131 Agency at work HF5381 .A44 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
132 Career development all-in-one for dummies Alidina, Shamash HF5381 .A55 2017eb 2017 Books 24x7
133 Taking charge of your career : the essential guide to finding the job that's right for you Arnold, Camilla HF5381 .A766 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
134 The Successful Career Toolkit : Your Quick Fire Guide to Mastering Business Skills Barr, Patrick HF5381 .B37 2019eb 2019 Books24x7
135 Expansive learning in professional contexts : Beighton, Christian, HF5381 .B45 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
136 Best Job Ever : Rethink Your Career, Redefine Rich, Revolutionize Your Life Bray, C.K. HF5381 .B73 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
137 Business Acumen Basics for Talent Development : My Career, Volume 35, Issue 1804, April 2018 Brodo, Robert S. HF5381 .B76 2018eb 2018 Books24x7
138 The business student's handbook : skills for study and employment Cameron, Sheila HF5381 .C346 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
139 Career development across the lifespan : counseling for community, schools, higher education, and beyond HF5381 .C37 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
140 Career counseling interventions : practice with diverse clients HF5381 .C373 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
141 Career development : theories, practices and challenges HF5381 .C374 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
142 The tao of work fu : principles, practices and possibilities to accelerate your effectiveness at work for the rest of your career Chad, Steve HF5381 .C433 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
143 Working with the Walking Dead : Winning Career Strategies in a Workplace Zombie Apocalypse Clare, Rebecca HF5381 .C53 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
144 Reinventing you : define your brand, imagine your future Clark, Dorie HF5381 .C537 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
145 Love your work : 4 practical ways you can pivot to your best career Dickie, Robert HF5381 .D4764 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
146 Developing sustainable careers across the lifespan : De Vos, Ans HF5381 .D48 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
147 The A to Z of Careers and Jobs, 25th Edition Editorial, Kogan Page HF5381 .E35 2018eb 2018 Books 24x7
148 Boost your career : how to make an impact, get recognized, and build the career you want Flaum, Sander A., 1937- HF5381 .F538 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
149 The challenge to be and not to do : how to manage your career and maximize your potential Foster, Carrie HF5381 .F685 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
150 It's who you know : how to make networking work for you Garner, Janine HF5381 .G376 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
151 Stinkin' Thinkin' : 37 Mental Mistakes, False Beliefs and Superstitions That Can Ruin Your Career and Your Life Goodman, Gary S. HF5381 .G66 2018eb 2018 Books24x7
152 Career Management for Life Greenhaus, Jeffrey H. HF5381 .G74 2019eb 2019 Books 24x7
153 Rethinking career studies : Gunz, Hugh HF5381 .G915 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
154 Renew yourself : a six-step plan for more meaningful work Hakala-Ausperk, Catherine HF5381 .H35 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
155 Handbook of innovative career counselling HF5381 .H363 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
156 Planning your Career in a Week : Start your Career Planning in Seven Simple Steps Hirsh, Wendy HF5381 .H57 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
157 Skill up : a software developer's guide to life and career : 65 steps to becoming a better developer Hudgens, Jordan HF5381 .H834 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
158 Careers work in schools : a primer for career development facilitators Hughes, Catherine HF5381 .H844 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
159 Up is not the only way : rethinking career mobility Kaye, Beverly, 1943- HF5381 .K39 2017eb 2017 Books24x7
160 Career Courage : Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Create the Success You Want Kelley, Katie C. HF5381 .K45 2016eb 2016 Books24x7
161 On the nature of human resource development : Lee, Monica M. HF5381 .L346 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
162 Career road map : 52 weeks of career coaching in one book Lees, John, 1958- HF5381 .L447 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
163 The psychoanalysis of career choice, job performance, and satisfaction : Marcus, Paul, HF5381 .M3175 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
164 DBA Transformations : Building Your Career in the Transition to On-Demand Cloud Computing and Extreme Automation Malcher, Michelle HF5381 .M35 2018eb 2018 Books24x7
165 The Executive Warrior : 40 Powerful Questions to Develop Mental Toughness for Career Success Ng, Victor HF5381 .N4 2019eb 2019 Books24x7
166 Employability : making the most of your career development Neugebauer, John HF5381 .N484 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
167 Keeping your career on track : avoiding derailment, enriching the work experience and helping your organization Noer, David M., 1939- HF5381 .N64 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
168 The Mindset of Success : Accelerate Your Career from Good Manager to Great Leader Owen, Jo HF5381 .O94 2018eb 2018 Books24x7
169 Confident Coding : Master the Fundamentals of Code and Supercharge Your Career Percival, Rob HF5381 .P47 2017eb 2017 Books24x7
170 Postmodern career counseling : a handbook of culture, context, and cases HF5381 .P6727 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
171 7 skills for the future : adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, being proactive, resilience Prince, Emma-Sue HF5381 .P756 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
172 Reinvention roadmap : break the rules to get the job you want and career you deserve Ryan, Liz (Elizabeth), 1959- HF5381 .R936 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
173 YourCreativeCareer : TurnYourPassionintoaFulfillingand FinanciallyRewardingLifestyle Sabino, Anna HF5381 .S23 2017eb 2017 Books24x7
174 Service level manager : careers in IT service management Sansbury, John HF5381 .S26 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
175 Career counseling Savickas, Mark, HF5381 .S279 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
176 Seeking challenge in the career / HF5381 .S4724 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
177 101 ways to connect with your customers, chiefs, and co-workers Silvis, Carol A. HF5381 .S55 2015eb 2015 Books24x7
178 Remaining Relevant in Your Tech Career : When Change is the Only Constant Stackowiak, Robert HF5381 .S73 2019eb 2019 Books24x7
179 Vocabulary Power for Business : The 500 Words You Need to Transform Your Career and Your Life Strutzel, Dan HF5381 .S77 2018eb 2018 Books24x7
180 Work-related learning and the social sciences Taylor, Gary, HF5381 .T2357 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
181 Personal success Tracy, Brian HF5381 .T653 2016eb 2016 Books 24x7
182 The Career Catapult : Shake Up the Status Quo and Boost Your Professional Trajectory Unnikrishnan, Roopa HF5381 .U56 2017eb 2017 Books24x7
183 Sustainability at work Waite, Marilyn HF5381 .W159 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
184 The Job-Ready Guide : How to Set yourself up for Career Success Waal, Anastasia De HF5381 .W33 2019eb 2019 Books24x7
185 The job-ready guide : how to set yourself up for career success Waal, Anastasia de HF5381 .W335 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
186 Boost Your Nursing Leadership Career : 50 Lessons that Drive Success White, Kenneth R. HF5381 .W45 2017eb 2017 Books24x7
187 Career planning, development, and management West, Jonathan P. (Jonathan Page), HF5381 .W47 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
188 Outgrow your space at work : how to thrive at work and build a successful career Whitted, Rick HF5381 .W535 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
189 Thrive : how to achieve and sustain high-level career success Williams, Dean, 1972 May- HF5381 .W555 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
190 Work Across the Lifespan / HF5381 .W67 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
191 盡職盡責 : 如何成為企業不可或缺的金牌員工 鄭一群 HF5381 .Z4464 2018eb 2018 iRead
192 Career match : connecting who you are with what you'll love to do Zichy, Shoya HF5381 .Z467 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
193 Great jobs in business Blohm, Craig E., HF5381.2 .B56 2019eb 2019 Gale eBooks
194 Careers if you like the outdoors Kallen, Stuart A., HF5381.2 .K348 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
195 Business & administration : exploring career pathways Reeves, Diane Lindsey, 1959- HF5381.2 .R425 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
196 New perspectives on career counseling and guidance in Europe : HF5382.5.E84 N48 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
197 How to thrive and survive as a working woman : the coach-yourself toolkit Dent, Fiona Elsa HF5382.6 .D468 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
198 Fearless and Free : How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers Sachs, Wendy HF5382.6 .S23 2017eb 2017 Books24x7
199 Getting your first job for dummies Angulo, Roberto HF5382.7 .A548 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
200 Lose the resume : land the job Burnison, Gary, 1961- HF5382.7 .B876 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
201 Resumes for dummies Laura, DeCarlo HF5382.7 .D433 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
202 Finding a job Higgins, M. G. HF5382.7 .H54 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
203 How to get the job you want : 10 practical steps to get a better job quicker Hyams, Ron HF5382.7 .H936 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
204 Overcoming employment barriers : 127 great tips for burying red flags and finding a job that's right for you Krannich, Ronald L. HF5382.7 .K73 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
205 Moms for hire : 8 steps to kickstart your next career Newmyer, Deborah Jelin HF5382.7 .N496 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
206 Got career goals? : skills to land your dream job Spilsbury, Louise HF5382.7 .S65 2019eb 2019 Gale eBooks
207 Kick start your career : successful strategies and winning techniques Smith, Lee, 1948- HF5382.7 .S655 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
208 Moving forward in mid-career : a guide to rebuilding your career after being fired or laid off Weiss, John Henry HF5382.7 .W457 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
209 從應屆生到職場達人 : 求職應聘寶典 張振華 HF5382.7 .Z4364 2018eb 2018 iRead
210 25歲, 日本打工血淚史! 阿榮 HF5382.75.J3 A74 2016eb 2016 Sino United Ebooks
211 How to write a stellar executive resume : 50 tips to reaching your job target Bernstein, Brenda HF5383 .B476 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
212 Modernize your resume : get noticed ... get hired Enelow, Wendy S. HF5383 .E47878 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
213 Out of uniform : your guide to a successful military-to-civilian career transition Wolfe, Tom, 1950- HF5384 .W64 2018eb 2018 JSTOR
214 Coaching and mentoring MacLennan, Nigel, HF5385 .M232 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
215 Cooking up success : helping you discover the job of your dreams Etsell, Cindy HF5386 .E874 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
216 The career code : must-know rules for a strategic, stylish, and self-made career Kerr, Hillary HF5386 .K477 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
217 The customer success professional's handbook : Vaidyanathan, Ashvin, HF5386 .V1445 2020eb 2020 ProQuest
218 Mismanagement, jumpers , and morality : Shapira, Reuven (Sociologist) HF5387 .S466 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
219 Marketing, sales & service : exploring career pathways Reeves, Diane Lindsey, 1959- HF5415.35 .R44 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
220 Marketing : real people, real choices Solomon, Michael R. HF5415.35 .S65 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
221 A career in customer service and tech support Mapua, Jeff HF5415.5 .M165 2015eb 2015 Gale eBooks
222 Using computer science in online retail careers Mooney, Carla, HF5429.29 .M66 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
223 Get a job at the shopping mall Reeves, Diane Lindsey, HF5429.29 .R44 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
224 Cool careers without college for people who love shopping Pelos, Rebecca HF5437 .P45 2018eb 2018 Gale eBooks
225 Careers in sales and marketing Sheen, Barbara HF5438.25 .S4775 2016eb 2016 Gale eBooks
226 So You're New to Sales Flanagan, Bryan HF5438.4 .F53 2016eb 2016 Books 24x7
227 Business Development Culture Moyle, Alex HF5438.4 .M69 2018eb 2018 Books 24x7
228 Sales leadership : Rosen, Keith HF5439.5 .R67 2018eb 2018 Books 24x7
229 Dealing with Difficult People Lilley, Roy HF5548.8 .L55 2019eb 2019 Books 24x7
230 Dealing with difficult people Lilley, Roy C. HF5548.8 .L555 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
231 HBR guide to performance management HF5549 .H377 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
232 A manager's guide to developing competencies in HR staff Hartman, Phyllis G., HF5549 .H378 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
233 Navigating the talent shift Hufford, Lisa HF5549 .H844 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
234 People analytics in the era of big data Isson, Jean Paul, HF5549 .I876 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
235 Requisite organization Jaques, Elliott, editor. HF5549 .J3345 2016eb 2016 EBSCOhost
236 Practical performance improvement Matthews, Rod HF5549 .M37 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
237 Planning and organizing personal and professional development Sangster, Chris HF5549 .S17 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
238 高效能人材韌性培養 石地 HF5549 .S553 2017eb 2017 iRead
239 Performance management Venkateswara Rao, T. HF5549 .V393 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
240 From hello to goodbye : Walters, Christine V., HF5549 .W337 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
241 The HR career guide : great answers to tough career questions Yate, Martin John HF5549 .Y387 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
242 Stories for Work Dolan, Gabrielle HF5549.12 .D65 2017eb 2017 Books 24x7
243 Managing Your Boss in a Week Mann, Sandi HF5549.12 .M36 2016eb 2016 Books 24x7
244 Talent management in practice Thunnusen, Maria HF5549.12 .T48 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
245 用心管理 : 創造高績效的團隊文化要用心開拓 鄭一群 HF5549.12 .Z446 2017eb 2017 iRead
246 Handbook of international human resource development : context, processes and people HF5549.17 .H363 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
247 誰趕走了優秀員工 鄭一群 HF5549.5 .Z446 2018eb 2018 iRead eBook
248 尊重你的工作 鄭天語 HF5549.5.C35 .Z4464 2017eb 2017 iRead
249 An intelligent career : taking ownership of your work and your life Arthur, Michael B. (Michael Bernard), 1945- HF5549.5.C35 A779 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
250 The talent management pocketbook Cross, Andy HF5549.5.C35 C76 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
251 Identity, meaning, and subjectivity in career development : evolving perspectives in human resources GEDRO, JULIE. HF5549.5.C35 G43 2017eb 2017 ProQuest
252 Career development : a human resource development perspective McDonald, Kimberly HF5549.5.C35 M383 2016eb 2016 ebrary
253 The employee experience : a capstone guide to peak performance Tetzlaff, Sue HF5549.5.C35 T489 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
254 躍升卓越 : 工作族成功手冊 吳波 HF5549.5.C35 W836 2017eb 2017 iRead
255 How to Create a Coaching Culture Jones, Gillian HF5549.5.C53 .J66 2018eb 2018 Books 24x7
256 Mentoring Programs That Work Labin, Jenn HF5549.5.C53 .L33 2017eb 2017 Books 24x7
257 Coaching and Mentoring Parsloe, Eric HF5549.5.C53 .P37 2017eb 2017 Books 24x7
258 Building Blocks of Workplace Inclusion Silveira, Evelina HF5549.5.C53 .S55 2017eb 2017 Books 24x7
259 Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies, 2nd Edition Taylor, Marie HF5549.5.C53 .T39 2017eb 2017 Books 24x7
260 Peer Supervision in Coaching & Mentoring Turner, Tammy HF5549.5.C53 .T87 2018eb 2018 Books 24x7
261 An introduction to professional and executive coaching Boysen-Rotelli, Sheila HF5549.5.C53 B68 2018eb 2018 ProQuest
262 Excellence in coaching HF5549.5.C53 E93 2016eb 2016 Books 24x7
263 The management and employee development review : competitive advantage through transformative teamwork and evolved mindsets Graves, Kelly N. HF5549.5.C53 G73 2017eb 2017 EBSCOhost
264 Key coaching models Gribben, Stephen HF5549.5.C53 G753 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
265 How to coach your team Jones, Pam, HF5549.5.C53 J664 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
266 Techniques for coaching and mentoring Lancer, Natalie HF5549.5.C53 L363 2016eb 2016 ProQuest
267 The practitioner's handbook of team coaching HF5549.5.C53 P733 2019eb 2019 ProQuest
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