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Online Information Literacy Tutorial

The tutorial from Cranfield University helps develop your searching skills and improve your knowledge of referencing and plagiarism.   The tutorial provides the following 9 distinct books from which you can work through independently.  You don't have to start from the beginning.  You can select the most relevant topic at any point.  Use the tutorials as an introduction to, or as a reminder, of the skills needed to help complete a task.

  • Tutorial 1. Focussing Your Research Question
  • Tutorial 2. Mind the Information Gap
  • Tutorial 3. Search Strategies and Tactics
  • Tutorial 4. Advanced Searching
  • Tutorial 5. Evaluating Information
  • Tutorial 6. Organising and Communicating Findings
  • Tutorial 7. Synthesising and Building upon Information                
  • Tutorial 8. Current Awareness
  • Tutorial 9. Plagiarism and Copyright

Go to and try the online information literacy tutorial.