Frequently Asked Questions for Booking Library Group Study Rooms

How many Library Group Study Rooms are available for booking?  17 in WK library.

What kind of equipment is provided inside the Library Group Study Rooms?  PC & Whiteboard.




Group Study Room 1 2-4 p WK-N412
Group Study Room 2 6-12 p WK-N411
Group Study Room 3 6-12 p WK-N410
Group Study Room 4 2-4 p WK-N409
Group Study Room 5 2-4 p WK-N408
Group Study Room 6 3-6 p WK-N407
Group Study Room 7 3-6 p WK-N406
Group Study Room 8 3-6 p WK-N421
Group Study Room 9 3-6 p WK-N423
Group Study Room 10 3-6 p WK-N405
Group Study Room 11 8-16 p WK-N404
Group Study Room 12 6-12 p WK-N403
Group Study Room 13 5-10 p WK-N402
Group Study Room 14 3-6 p WK-N605
Group Study Room 15 5-10 p WK-N604
Group Study Room 16 5-10 p WK-N602
Group Study Room 17 2-4 p WK-S601a

Who can book the Library Group Study Rooms? 
  Holders of valid Student/Library Cards.

How to make a booking?  Login to the CPCE Facilities iBooking System and select the available timeslots of the room.  The booking is on first-come-first-served basis.  The user guide of the CPCE Facilities iBooking System is available from here.

What are my booking limits? Two booking session quotas per day.  The minimum duration of a session is 30 minutes and the maximum is 120 minutes, counting from the 15th or 45th minute of each hour.

How far ahead can I book? Two library opening days in advance. 

How many persons are required to book a Library Group Study Room?  A group must have two members or more. One member of a group can make the booking on behalf of the whole group.

Can I renew a booking if the Library Group Study Room is available after the end of my session? Yes, as long as you have quota left.

How to check in?  All members of a group have to check-in in person at the Library Counter where the room locates by presenting the booking confirmation email and their Student/Library Cards to the library staff.  The check-in can be done 15 minutes before the registered start time.

What if I didn’t show up after the registered start time?  Can I have the quota back?  If you did not show up 10 minutes after the registered start time, the booking will be forfeited and the room will be released for others to book.   Your quota will be deducted accordingly.

How can I cancel a booking?  Can I have the quota back?  You can cancel at any time before the registered start time.  Your quota will not be deducted.

How can I change the date and the time of a booking?  Login to the CPCE Facilities iBooking System and deselect the registered timeslots. Then select the new timeslots and submit again.

How do I know my booking is successful?  A confirmation email will be sent to your College email account.