Book Highlights - Technology Life 科技生活 (Feb 2022)

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A) e-Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 3D列印 : 萬丈高樓「平面」起, 21世紀必懂的黑科技 / 徐旺.
2 2028 : 三大法則預測未來媒體、娛樂、社會價值變化, 發掘明日的機會與挑戰 / 岡田斗司夫著 ; 李其融譯.
3 3D printing for energy applications / edited by Tarancón and Vincenzo Esposito.
4 3D shape analysis : fundamentals, theory, and applications / Hamid Laga (Murdoch University and University of South Australia, Australia), Yulan Guo (National University of Defense Technology, China), Hedi Tabia (ETIS UMR 8051, Paris Seine University, University of Cergy-Pontoise, ENSEA, CNRS, France), Robert B. Fisher (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom), Mohammed Bennamoun (The University of Western Australia, Australia).
5 3D列印 : 萬丈高樓「平面」起, 21世紀必懂的黑科技 / 徐旺.
6 5G mobile core network : design, deployment, automation, and testing strategies / Rajaneesh Sudhakar Shetty.
7 A.I.傳播進化 : 人工智慧重塑人類的交流 / 牟怡著.
8 Adaptive HR : impactful HR for the new and virtual world of work / Marianne Roux.
9 AI in healthcare : a leader's guide to winning in the new age of intelligent health systems / Tom Lawry
10 AIoT人工智慧在物聯網的應用與商機 / 裴有恆, 陳玟錡作.
11 AI时代的点三三 / 李劼著.
12 AI未來賽局 : 中美競合框架下, 科技9巨頭建構的未來 / 艾美.韋伯著 ; 黃庭敏譯 = The big nine : how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity / Amy Webb.
13 AI行銷學 : 為顧客量身訂做的全通路轉型策略 / 拉斯穆斯.賀林, 科林.謝爾著 ; 李芳齡譯 = Make it all about me : leveraging omnichannel and AI for marketing success / Rasmus Houlind, Colin Shearer.
14 AR擴增實境輕鬆學 : 結合虛擬與真實的新科技應用 / 謝旻儕, 黃凱揚著.
15 Big data analytics for intelligent healthcare management / volume editors, Nilanjan Dey, Himansu Das, Bighnaraj Naik, Himansu Sekhar Behera.
16 Deploying AI in the enterprise : IT approaches for design, DevOps, governance, change management, blockchain, and quantum computing / Eberhard Hechler, Martin Oberhofer, Thomas Schaeck ; foreword by Srinivas Thummalapalli.
17 Google、臉書、微軟專家教你的66堂科技趨勢必修課 / 尼爾.梅達, 帕爾.德托賈, 阿迪亞.加傑著 ; 劉榮樺譯 = Swipe to unlock : the primer on technology and business strategy / Neel Mehta, Parth Detroja, Aditya Agashe.
18 How's life in the digital age? : opportunities and risks of the digital transformation for people's well-being / by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
19 Industry 4.0 and hyper-customized smart manufacturing supply chains / S.G. Ponnambalam [and three others].
20 New world technology : 2020 and beyond / Errol S. van Engelen.
21 Ontology-based information retrieval for healthcare systems / edited by Vishal Jain, Ritika Wason, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee, Dac-Nhuong Le.
22 Outsmarting AI : power, profit, and leadership in the age of machines / Brennan Pursell and Joshua Walker.
23 Python machine learning / Wei-Meng Lee.
24 Security and its challenges in the 21st Century / Claudine Guerrier.
25 Smarketing : how to achieve competitive advantage through blended sales and marketing / Tim Hughes, Adam Gray and Hugo Whicher.
26 Smart and sustainable intelligent systems / edited by Namita Gupta, Prasenjit Chatterjee and Tanupriya Choudhury.
27 Smart cities, smart future : showcasing tomorrow / Mike Barlow, Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton.
28 Smart healthcare system design : security and privacy aspects / edited by SK Hafizul Islam and Debabrata Samanta.
29 The digital war : how China's tech power shapes the future of AI, blockchain and cyberspace / Winston Ma.
30 The platform economy and the smart city : technology and the transformation of urban policy / edited by Austin Zwick and Zachary Spicer.
31 Toward 6G : a new era of convergence / Amin Ebrahimzadeh, Martin Maier.
32 一本漫畫就讀懂!人工智慧 : AI究竟能為人類做什麼? / 松尾豐監修 ; 菅洋子繪圖 ; 葉韋利譯.
33 人工智慧 : 智能颠覆时代, 你准备好了吗 / 917众筹平台著.
34 人工智慧在流行趨勢研究的應用 = AI application in Fashion Trend / 顏志晃(Chih-Huang Yen, Ph. D.)著.
35 人工智慧導論 / 謝邦昌, 蘇志雄著.
36 人工智慧決策的顧客關係管理 : 含機器人流程自動化、AIoT企業應用系統、區塊鏈 / 陳瑞陽著.
37 人工智慧與影像知識詮釋化 / 羅崇銘著.
38 人工智能时代的全球人才流动与治理模式创新 / 胡雯著.
39 区块链改变世界 / 严行方著.
40 區塊鏈 : 不可不知的金融大未來 = Block chain / 陳根著.
41 圖解機器學習、人工智慧與人類未來 : 圖解讓人工智慧更簡單 / 吳作樂, 吳秉翰著.
42 大数据与人工智能研究 / 王莉, 宋兴祖, 陈志宝著.
43 工業革命4.0物聯網 : 從互聯到新工業革命 / 劉雲浩著.
44 智能时代 : 媒体重塑 = The upgrading of media in the AI era / 本书课题组著.
45 用人資味 : 自我對話x組織發展x未來能力, 科技時代HR必備的全方位實戰手冊 / 薛雅齡
46 百萬粉絲經營法則 : 30天3步驟打造社群經濟力, 在社交平台擁有百萬追蹤數 / 布蘭登.肯恩著 ; 吳書榆譯 = One million followers : how I built a massive social following in 30 days / Brendan Kane.
47 精確的力量 : 從工業革命到奈米科技, 追求完美的人類改變了世界 / 吳煒聲
48 電子商務 : 8堂一點就通的基礎活用課 / 榮欽科技.
49 電競選手 : 8堂一點就通的基礎活用課 / 榮欽科技.
50 Virtual and augmented reality in education, art, and museums / [edited by] Giuliana Guazzaroni and Anitha S. Pillai. AM7 .V56 2020eb
51 2084 : artificial intelligence and the future of humanity / John C. Lennox. BL265.I54 L46 2020eb
52 Image : three inquiries in technology and imagination / Mark C. Taylor, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Thomas A. Carlson. BL265.T4 I49 2021eb
53 Ten global trends every smart person should know : and many others you will find interesting / Ronald Bailey and Marian L. Tupy. CB161 .B35 2020eb
54 From Gutenberg to Google : the history of our future / Tom Wheeler. CB478 .W44 2019eb
55 Applying innovative technologies in heritage science / George Pavlidis. CC135 .A66 2020eb
56 Big data and innovation in tourism, travel, and hospitality : managerial approaches, techniques, and applications / Marianna Sigala, Roya Rahimi, Mike Thelwall, editors. G155.A1 B543 2019eb
57 Handbook of research on smart technology applications in the tourism industry / [edited by] Evrim Çeltek. G156.5.I5 H36 2020eb
58 A better planet : 40 big ideas for a sustainable future / edited by Daniel C. Esty ; with a foreword by Ingrid C. Burke. GE170 .B488 2019eb
59 Gaming technology: : blurring real and virtual worlds / by Anthony J. Rotolo. GV1201.34 .R67 2019eb
60 Smart green world? : making digitalization work for sustainability / Steffen Langen and Tilman Santarius. HC79.E5 L36 2020eb
61 Artificial intelligence for business : a roadmap for getting started with AI / Jeffrey L Coveyduc, Jason L Anderson. HC79.I55 A527 2020eb
62 Managing diversity, innovation, and infrastructure in digital business / Nilanjan Ray, editor. HC79.I55 M359 2019eb
63 Round the clock : how a 24x7 digital marketplace is transforming business / Ray Titus. HC79.I55 T58 2019eb
64 Digital transformation and innovative services for business and learning / [edited by] Kamaljeet Sandhu. HC79.T4 D54 2020eb
65 Diversities of innovation / edited by Ulrich Hilpert. HC79.T4 D584 2019eb
66 University technology transfer : what it is and how to do it / Tom Hockaday. HC79.T4 H63 2020eb
67 Tech trends in practice : the 25 technologies that are driving the 4th industrial revolution / Bernard Marr. HC79.T4 M3553 2020eb
68 How many light bulbs does it take to change the world? / Matt Ridley ; with a commentary by Stephen Davies. HC79.T4 R54 2019eb
69 Revolutionizing world trade : how disruptive technologies open opportunities for all / Kati Suominen. HC79.T4 S86 2019eb
70 Technological breakthroughs and future business opportunities in education, health, and outer space / Angus Hooke, [editor]. HC79.T4 T4278 2021eb
71 Remote work technology : keeping your small business thriving from anywhere / Henry Kurkowski. HD2336.3 .K87 2022eb
72 Innovative and agile contracting for digital transformation and industry 4.0 / Mohammad Ali Shalan, Mohammed Ayedh Algarni, [editors]. HD2365 .I56 2021eb
73 Big data and knowledge sharing in virtual organizations / Albert Gyamfi and Idongesit Williams, editors. HD30.2 .B5443 2019eb
74 Advances in ComputersRole of Blockchain Technology in IoT Applications, Volume One Hundred and Fifteen / by Shiho Kim, Ganesh Chandra Deka, Peng Zhang. HD30.2 .K56 2019eb
75 Mastering the 7 dimensions of business-technology alignment / Ashish Pachory. HD30.2 .P33 2020eb
76 Financial Technology : Case Studies in Fintech Innovation / by Niels Pedersen. HD30.2 .P43 2021eb
77 How to Speak Tech : The Non-Techie's Guide to Key Technology Concepts, Second Edition / by Vinay Trivedi. HD30.2 .T75 2019eb
78 AI Meets BI : Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence / Lakshman Bulusu, Rosendo Abellera. HD38.7 .L35 2020eb
79 Avatar-based models, tools, and innovation in the digital economy / Vardan Mkrttchian, Leyla Gamidullaeva, Ekaterina Aleshina. HD45 .A95 2020eb
80 The Technology Takers : Leading Change in the Digital Era / by Jens P. Flanding, Genevieve M. Grabman, Sheila Q. Cox. HD45 .F53 2019eb
81 6 building blocks for successful innovation : how entrepreneurial leaders design innovative futures / Massimo Garbuio and Moritz Dressel. HD45 .G345 2019eb
82 Global business leadership development for the fourth industrial revolution / Peter Smith, Tom Cockburn, [editors]. HD45 .G56 2020eb
83 Technological developments in industry 4.0 for business applications / Luis Ferreira, Nuno Lopes, Joaquim Silva, Goran D. Putnik, Maria Manuela, Cruz-Cunha, and Paulo Silva Avila, editors. HD45 .T43 2019eb
84 Total innovative management excellence (TIME) : the future of innovation / edited by H. James Harrington, Frank Voehl. HD45 .T665 2020eb
85 Leadership and digital change : the digitalization paradox / Einar Iveroth and Jacob Hallencreutz. HD57.7 .I94 2021eb
86 Digital You : Real Personal Branding in the Virtual Age / by William Arruda. HD66 .A77 2019eb
87 Foundations of Libvirt Development : How to Set Up and Maintain a Virtual Machine Environment with Python / by W. David Ashley. HD66 .A84 2019eb
88 Virtual Reality / by Samuel Greengard. HD66 .G74 2019eb
89 MIT Sloan Management Review Article on Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams / by Mit Sloan Management Review. HD66 .R48 2020eb
90 Understanding virtual reality : interface, application, and design / William R. Sherman, Alan B. Craig. HD66 .S54 2019eb
91 The power of virtual distance : a guide to productivity and happiness in the age of remote work / Karen Sobel Lojeski, Ph.D., Richard R. Reilly, Ph.D. HD66 .S63 2020eb
92 Virtual Teams : How We Are Connecting Internally / by Ryan Tidwell. HD66 .T53 2020eb
93 Impact of mobile services on business development and e-commerce / Francisco Liebana-Cabanillas and [3 others]. HF5548.32 .L54 2020eb
94 Social Media Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition / by Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond. HF5548.32 .S56 2020eb
95 Social Media Marketing & Branding : The Micro MBA / by Ankit Srivastava. HF5548.32 .S75 2019eb
96 The digital war : how China's tech power shapes the future of AI, blockchain and cyberspace / Winston Ma ; foreword by Anthony Scaramucci. HF5548.325.C6 M3 2021eb
97 Innovative strategies for implementing FinTech in banking / Yousif Abdullatif Albastaki, Anjum Razzaque, Adel M. Sarea, [editors]. HG1708.7 .I56 2021eb
98 FinTech future : the digital DNA of finance / Sanjay Phadke. HG1709 .P43 2020eb
99 Distributed creativity : how blockchain technology will transform the creative economy / Marcus O'Dair. HG1710 .O335 2019eb
100 The definitive guide to blockchain for accounting and business : understanding the revolutionary technology / Saurav K. Dutta. HG173 .D888 2020eb
101 FinTech as a disruptive technology for financial institutions / Abdul Rafay, editor. HG173 .F535 2019eb
102 Fostering innovation and competitiveness with fintech, regtech, and suptech / [edited by] Iustina Alina Boitan, Kamilla Marchewka-Bartkowiak. HG173 .F677 2021eb
103 Fintech : the new DNA of financial services / Pranay Gupta, T. Mandy Tham. HG173 .G87 2019eb
104 Influence of fintech on management transformation / [edited by] Amira Sghari, Karim Mezghani. HG173 .I5236 2021eb
105 Impact of financial technology (fintech) on Islamic finance and financial stability / [edited by] Nader Naifar. HG187.4 .I56 2020eb
106 Bitcoin and Lightning Network on Raspberry Pi : Running Nodes on Pi3, Pi4 and Pi Zero / by Harris Brakmic. HG221 .B73 2019eb
107 The AI book : the artificial intelligence handbook for investors, entrepreneurs and FinTech visionaries / edited by Susanne Chishti, Ivana Bartoletti, Anne Leslie, Sh?n M. Millie. HG4515.5 .A38 2020eb
108 The future of finance : the impact of FinTech, AI, and crypto on financial services / Henri Arslanian, Fabrice Fischer. HG4515.5 .A775 2019eb
109 Smart computing applications in crowdfunding / by Bo Xing and Tshilidzi Marwala. HG4751 .X56 2019eb
110 How technology is changing human behavior : issues and benefits / C. G. Prado, editor ; foreword by Rossana Pasquino. HM851 .H689 2019eb
111 Interfacing ourselves : living in the Digital Age / edited by Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte. HM851 .I57 2019eb
112 Intimacy and developing personal relationships in the virtual world / Rejani Thudalikunnil Gopalan [editor]. HM851 .I585 2019eb
113 Engaging learners through Zoom : strategies for virtual teaching across disciplines / Jonathan Brennan. LB1044.87 .B74 2021eb
114 Virtual and mobile learning activities in higher education / Lisbeth Amhag. LB2395.7 .A627 2020eb
115 Innovative systems approach for designing smarter world / Toshiya Kaihara, Hajime Kita, Shingo Takahashi, editors. Q295 .I566 2021eb
116 Big data and smart digital environment / Yousef Farhaoui, Laila Moussaid, editors. Q325.5 .B54 2019eb
117 Hands-on unsupervised learning with Python : implement machine learning and deep learning models using scikit-learn, tensorflow, and more / Giuseppe Bonaccorso. Q325.5 .B663 2019eb
118 Applied machine learning with Python / Andrea Giussani. Q325.5 .G587 2019eb
119 Internet of Things, smart computing and technology : a roadmap ahead / Nilanjan Dey, Parikshit. N. Mahalle, Pathan Mohd Shafi, Vinod V. Kimabahune, Aboul Ella Hassanien, editors. Q325.5 .I57 2020eb
120 Practical deep learning : a Python-based introduction / by Ronald T. Kneusel. Q325.5 .K55 2021eb
121 Machine learning for time series forecasting with Python / Francesca Lazzeri. Q325.5 .L39 2021eb
122 Deep Learning for Dummies / by John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron. Q325.5 .M84 2019eb
123 Deep Learning and the Game of Go / by Max Pumperla, Kevin Ferguson. Q325.5 .P86 2019eb
124 Artificial you : AI and the future of your mind / Susan Schneider. Q334.7 .S36 2019eb
125 Artificial intelligence and data mining in healthcare / Malek Masmoudi, Bassem Jarboui, Patrick Siarry, editors. Q335 .A7854 2021eb
126 AI concepts for business applications / Nelson E. (Nick) Brestoff. Q335 .B74 2020eb
127 It's all analytics! : the foundations of AI, big data, and data science landscape for professionals in healthcare, business, and government / Scott Burk, Ph.D., Gary D. Miner, Ph.D. Q335 .B87 2020eb
128 Competing in the age of AI : strategy and leadership when algorithms and networks run the world / Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani. Q335 .I323 2020eb
129 Introduction to artificial intelligence / Philip C. Jackson, Jr. Q335 .J27 2019eb
130 Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Everything / by William Lawless, Ranjeev Mittu, Donald Sofge, Ira S. Moskowitz, Stephen Russell. Q335 .L39 2019eb
131 AI 2041 / Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan. Q335 .L423 2021eb
132 Artificial intelligence in daily life / Raymond S. T. Lee. Q335 .L44 2020eb
133 Artificial intelligence versus human intelligence : are humans going to be hacked? / Christian Lexcellent. Q335 .L49 2019eb
134 Link : how decision intelligence connects data, actions, and outcomes for a better world / Lorien Pratt. Q335 .P738 2019eb
135 Innovative smart healthcare and bio-medical systems : AI, intelligent computing and connected technologies / edited by Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem. R855.3 .I56 2021eb
136 Soft computing applications and techniques in healthcare / edited by Ashish Mishra, G. Suseendran and Trung-Nghia Phung. R855.3 .S64 2021eb
137 Understanding industry 4.0 : ai, the internet of things, and the future of work / by Bruno S. Sergi [and 3 others]. T49.5 .S474 2019eb
138 Data Science Using Python and R / by Chantal D. Larose, Daniel T. Larose. T58.5 .L37 2019eb
139 3D shape analysis : fundamentals, theory, and applications / Hamid Laga [and 4 others]. TA1560 .L34 2019eb
140 Introduction to deep learning for engineers : using Python and Google Cloud Platform / Tariq M. Arif. TA347.A78 A655 2020eb
141 Internet of energy for smart cities : machine learning models and techniques / edited by Anish Jindal, Neeraj Kumar and Gagangeet Singh Aujla. TD159.4 .I58 2022eb
142 Smart cities and artificial intelligence / Christopher Kirwan, Fu Zhiyong. TD159.4 .K57 2020eb
143 The right to the smart city / edited by Paolo Cardullo, Cesare Di Feliciantonio, Rob Kitchin. TD159.4 .R54 2019eb
144 Smart cities : issues and challenges : mapping political, social and economic risks and threats / edited by Anna Visvizi, Miltiadis D. Lytras. TD159.4 .S53 2019eb
145 5G for the connected world / edited by Devaki Chandramouli, Rainer Liebhart,, Juho Pirskanen, Kangasala, Finland. TK5103.2 .A147 2019eb
146 5G mobile communications : concepts and technologies / Saad Z. Asif. TK5103.2 .A854 2019eb
147 Paving the way for 5G through the convergence of wireless systems / Ramona Trestian and Gabriel-Miro Muntean, editors. TK5103.2 .P397 2019eb
148 Optical and wireless convergence for 5G networks / edited by Abdelgader M Abdalla, Jonathan Rodriguez, Issa Elfergani, Antonio Teixeira. TK5103.25 .O68 2020eb
149 Industry 4.0 : challenges, trends, and solutions in management and engineering / edited by Carolina Machado and J. Paulo Davim. TS155.63 .I369 2020eb
150 Sustainable manufacturing for industry 4.0 : an augmented approach / edited by K. Jayakrishna [and 5 others]. TS155.7 .S858 2020eb

B) Printed Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 Big data and innovation in tourism, travel, and hospitality : managerial approaches, techniques, and applications / Marianna Sigala, Roya Rahimi, Mike Thelwall, editors. G155.A1 B543 2019
2 Tourism information technology / Pierre J. Benckendorff, Zheng Xiang, Pauline J. Sheldon. G155.A1 S485 2019
3 Transitioning to virtual and hybrid events : how to create, adapt, and market an engaging online experience / Ben Chodor with Gabriella Cyranski. GT3405 .C46 2021
4 Digital entrepreneurship : impact on business and society / Mariusz Soltanifar, Mathew Hughes, Lutz Göcke, editors. HB615 .D54 2021
5 Unscaled : how AI and a new generation of upstarts are creating the economy of the future / Hemant Taneja with Kevin Maney. HC79.A9 T36 2018
6 小規模是趨勢 : 掌握AI和新一代新創公司如何改寫未來經濟模式 / 賀曼・塔內賈, 凱文・曼尼著 ; 李芳齡譯. HC79.A9 T3612 2019
7 最強行業 : 創業投資X經營管理X生產開發, 贏家必讀! 未來10年改變世界的100家企業之創新技術與服務 = Top 100 / Nikkei Business編著 ; 譯者, 李青芬. HC79.H53 A13612 2020
8 Technology ventures : from idea to enterprise / Thomas H. Byers, Richard C. Dorf, Andrew J. Nelson. HC79.I55 D674 2019
9 The digital economy / Tim Jordan. HC79.I55 J67 2020
10 AI superpowers : China, Silicon valley, and the new world order / Kai-Fu Lee. HC79.I55 L435 2018
11 大數據資本主義 : 金融資本主義退位, 重新定義市場, 企業, 金錢, 銀行, 工作與社會正義 / 麥爾荀伯格, 蘭姆格著 ; 林俊宏譯. HC79.I55 M372512 2018
12 Strategy and behaviors in the digital economy / authored and edited by 3G E-learning LLC. HC79.I55 S87 2021
13 Round the clock : how a 24x7 digital marketplace is transforming business / Ray Titus. HC79.I55 T58 2019
14 The future is faster than you think : how converging technologies are transforming business, industries, and our lives / Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler. HC79.T4 D4895 2020
15 Technology entrepreneurship : taking innovation to the marketplace / Thomas N. Duening, Robert D. Hisrich, Michael A. Lechter. HC79.T4 D84 2021
16 Shaping the future of the fourth industrial revolution : a guide to building a better world / Klaus Schwab with Nicholas Davis. HC79.T4 S33793 2018
17 Technology in the industrial revolution / Barbara Hahn. HD2321 .H34 2020
18 Agile working and the digital workspace : best practices for designing and implementing productivity / John Eary. HD2336.3 .E27 2018
19 Business driven information systems / Paige Baltzan. HD30.2 .B357 2021
20 Leading within digital worlds / Peter Grindrod. HD30.2 .G75 2020
21 Business driven technology / Paige Baltzan. HD30.2 .H3175 2022
22 Information technology in business value and creativity / editor Shu-Kun Lin. HD30.2 .I64 2021
23 Introduction to algorithmic marketing : artificial intelligence for marketing operations / Ilya Katsov. HD30.2 .K38 2018
24 Strategic information technology : best practices to drive digital transformation / Arthur M. Langer, Lyle Yorks. HD30.2 .L365 2018
25 Research and practice at digital and smart workplace / editor Marc Berglund. HD30.2 .R47 2021
26 Information systems : what every business student needs to know / by Efrem G. Mallach. HD30.213 .M355 2020
27 全球科技八巨頭GAFA x BATH : 一本書掌握最新產業趨勢, 殺出未來活路 / 田中道昭 ; 堯嘉寧譯. HD30.28 .T36312 2020
28 Managing innovation : integrating technological, market and organizational change / Joe Tidd, John Bessant. HD31 .T618 2018
29 Moving the chains : an operational solution for embracing complexity in the digital age / Domenico Lepore. HD31.2 .L46 2019
30 大數據的關鍵思考 : 行動X多螢X碎片化時代的商業智慧 / 車品覺著. HD38.7 .C44 2020
31 The innovation ultimatum : how six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s / Steve Brown. HD45 .B736 2020
32 平台策略 : 在數位競爭、創新與影響力掛帥的時代勝出 / 麥可・庫蘇馬諾, 安娜貝爾・高爾, 大衛・尤菲著 ; 陳琇玲譯. HD45 .C8712 2020
33 New world technologies : 2020 and beyond / Errol S. van Engelen. HD45 .E535 2019
34 Introduction to Python programming for business and social science applications / Frederick Kaefer, Paul Kaefer. HD45 .K234 2021
35 Strategic management of technological innovation / Melissa A. Schilling. HD45 .S3353 2020
36 Chasing digital : a playbook for the new economy / Anthony Stevens and Louis Strauss. HD45 .S82 2018
37 Information technology management in SMEs / editor, Marcel R. Klimova. HD62.7 .I54 2021
38 2030年僱用大崩壞 : AI人工智慧讓你失去工作, 還是不用工作? / 井上智洋著 ; 謝敏怡譯. HD6331 .I5612 2018
39 The robots are coming! : the future of jobs in the age of automation HD6331 .O46613 2019
40 A world without work : technology, automation, and how we should respond / Daniel Susskind. HD6331 .S86 2020
41 Information technology project management / Kathy Schwalbe. HD69.P75 S385 2019
42 Don't be evil : how big tech betrayed its founding principles - and all of us / Rana Foroohar. HD9696.8.U62 F67 2019
43 圖解智慧工廠 : IoT, AI, RPA如何改變製造業 / 川上正伸, 新崛克美, 竹內芳久編著 ; 翁碧惠譯. HD9720.5 .K3912 2020
44 工業革命4.0物聯網 : 從互聯到新工業革命 : 一場由互聯到新工業革命帶來的種種挑戰和變革 / 劉雲浩著. HD9720.5 .L59 2020
45 Industry 4.0 and regional transformations / edited by Lisa De Propris and David Bailey. HD9735.A2 I53 2020
46 Service management : operations, strategy, information technology / Sanjeev Bordoloi, James A. Fitzsimmons, Mona J. Fitzsimmons HD9980.5 .F549 2019
47 Media now : understanding media, culture, and technology / Joseph Straubhaar, Robert LaRose, Lucinda Davenport. HE7775 .S793 2018
48 The great skills gap : optimizing talent for the future of work / edited by Jason Wingard and Christine Farrugia. HF5381.6 .G74 2021
49 Ethics in information technology / George W. Reynolds. HF5387 .R49 2019
50 AI for marketing and product innovation : powerful new tools for predicting trends, connecting with customers, and closing sales / A.K. Pradeep, Andrew Appel, Stan Sthanunathan. HF5410 .P73 2019
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