Book Highlights - Smart College Life 大專生活 (Sep 2021)

e-Books / Printed Books

A) e-Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 Communication skills for your social work degree / Jane Bottomley, Patricia Cartney, Steven Pryjmachuk.
2 Critical thinking skills for your social work degree / Jane Bottomley, Patricia Cartney, Steven Pryjmachuk.
3 Ethics in higher education / Maureen E. Squires, Yong Yu, and Heidi L. Schnackenberg, editors.
4 Handbook of college reading and study strategy research / edited by Rona F. Flippo, Thomas W. Bean.
5 Life Questions Every Student Asks : Faithful Responses to Common Issues.
6 Readiness realities : struggles and successes during the transition to college / Pamel W. Hollander.
7 Studying for your social work degree : critical study skills / Jane Bottomley, Steven Pryjmachuk, Patricia Cartney.
8 The Routledge handbook of digital writing and rhetoric / edited by Jonathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes.
9 The soul of a university : why excellence is not enough / Chris Brink.
10 循環 : 大學學習那些事兒 / 路小瘋.
11 The critical thinking about sources cookbook / edited by Sarah E. Morris. B809.2 .C75 2020eb
12 Innovations and technologies for soft skill development and learning / Suresh Kumar Nagarajan, Mohanasundaram R. [editors]. BF441 .I56 2020eb
13 Open to think : slow down, think creatively and make better decisions / Dan Pontefract. BF441 .P66 2018eb
14 Your guide to writing quality research papers for students of religion and theology / Nancy Jean Vyhmeister, Terry Dwain Robertson. BL41 .V94 2020eb
15 Critical thinking : learning from mistakes and how to prevent them / Gerald J. Watson ; with illustrations by Jesse J. Derouin. HD30.23 .W38 2020eb
16 New age admissions strategies in business schools / Shalini Kalia, Lubna Nafees. HF1111 .K355 2019eb
17 Career and college readiness and success for all students / edited by Becky Smerdon, Kelli Kim, Corinne Alfeld. LA217.2 .C365 2018eb
18 A university education / David Willetts. LA637 .W55 2017eb
19 Learning online : the student experience / George Veletsianos. LB1028.3 .V445 2020eb
20 Letters to a new student : tips to study smarter from a psychologist / Gary W. Wood. LB1049 .W6265 2019eb
21 Letters to a new student : tips for studying smarter from a psychologist / Dr. Gary Wood. LB1049 .W663 2019eb
22 From reading-writing research to practice / edited by Sophie Briquet-Duhaz?, Catherine Turcotte. LB1050.6 .F76 2019eb
23 Teach yourself how to learn : strategies you can use to ace any course at any level / Saundra Yancy McGuire with Stephanie McGuire ; foreword by Mark McDaniel. LB1060 .M385 2018eb
24 Student engagement in neoliberal times : theories and practices for learning and teaching in higher education / Nick Zepke. LB1062.6 .Z47 2017eb
25 The new science of learning : how to learn in harmony with your brain / Terry Doyle and Todd Zakrajsek ; foreword by Kathleen F. Gabriel. LB1134 .D68 2019eb
26 Why they can't write : killing the five-paragraph essay and other necessities / John Warner. LB1576 .W2596 2019eb
27 The concept of a university / Kenneth Minogue. LB2322 .M56 2017eb
28 Why universities should seek happiness and contentment / Paul Gibbs. LB2322.2 .G53 2017eb
29 Understanding community colleges / edited by John S. Levin and Susan T. Kater. LB2328.15.U6 U64 2018eb
30 Being well in academia : ways to feel stronger, safer and more connected / Petra Boynton. LB2343 .B69 2021eb
31 The survey of American college students : use of academic advising. LB2343 .S87 2018eb
32 The student athlete's guide to college success / Algerian Hart and F. Erik Brooks. LB2343.3 .H387 2017eb
33 Kickstarting your academic career : skills to succeed in the social sciences / Robert L. Ostergard, Jr., and Stacy B. Fisher. LB2343.3 .O78 2017eb
34 Higher education admission practices : an international perspective / edited by Mar?a Elena Oliveri, Cathy Wendler. LB2351 .H44 2020eb
35 How to choose your major / Mary E. Ghilani. LB2361.5 .G55 2017eb
36 Taking GRE and TOEFL and applying for a MS/ PhD : a self-help guide for engineering and physical sciences students / Pradeep Kumar Pasricha. LB2367.4 .K86 2020eb
37 The romance of crossing borders : studying and volunteering abroad / edited by Neriko Musha Doerr and Hannah Davis Ta?eb. LB2375 .R66 2017eb
38 Study abroad opportunities for community college students and strategies for global learning / Gregory F. Malveaux and Rosalind Latiner Raby, editors. LB2376 .S76 2019eb
39 Study skills for foundation degrees / Dorothy Bedford and Elizabeth Wilson. LB2395 .B434 2020eb
40 How to be a successful student : 20 study habits based on the science of learning / Richard E. Mayer. LB2395 .M42 2019eb
41 The psychology of effective studying : how to succeed in your degree / Paul Penn. LB2395 .P46 2020eb
42 Understanding international students from Asia in American universities : learning and living globalization / Yingyi Ma, Martha A. Garcia-Murillo, editors. LC3015 .U53 2018eb
43 Concepts in composition : theory and practices in the teaching of writing / Irene L. Clark. PE1404 .C528 2019eb
44 Talk about writing : the tutoring strategies of experienced writing center tutors / Jo Mackiewicz, Isabelle Kramer Thompson. PE1404 .M336 2018eb
45 Academics engaging with student writing : working at the higher education textface / Jackie Tuck. PE1404 .T83 2018eb
46 Oxford guide to plain English / Martin Cutts. PE1408 .C87 2020eb
47 The nuts & bolts of college writing / Michael Harvey. PE1408 .H3927 2020eb
48 The American way of writing : how to communicate like a native at school, at work, and on the road / Steven D. Stark. PE1408 .S737 2019eb
49 Survey of American college students : understanding of & view of the pervasiveness of plagiarism. PN167 .S87 2018eb
50 Survey of American college students : use of citation tools. PN171.F56 S87 2018eb
51 Future ready oral and multimedia presentations / Lyric Green and Lisa Bullard. PN4129.15 .G74 2018eb

B) Printed Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 Thinking critically / John Chaffee. B105.T54 C42 2019
2 Critical thinking / Brooke Noel Moore, Richard Parker. B105.T54 M66 2021
3 Critical thinking : a concise guide / Tracy Bowell, Robert Cowan and Gary Kemp. B809.2 .B69 2020
4 Critical thinking : a student's introduction / Gregory Bassham [and 3 others]. B809.2 .C745 2019
5 Concise guide to critical thinking / Lewis Vaughn. BC177 .V379 2018
6 快思慢想 / 康納曼著 ; 洪蘭譯. BF441 .K23812 2018
7 把問題化繁為簡的思考架構圖鑑 : 五大類思考力X60款工具, 提升思辨、創意、商業、企畫、分析力, 讓解決問題效率事半功倍 = The ultimate collection of thinking methods / AND股份有限公司著 ; 周若珍譯. BF441 .K33312 2020
8 Think, learn, succeed : understanding and using your mind to thrive at school, the workplace, and life / Caroline Leaf. BF441 .L394 2018
9 用思考擊敗你所有的問題 / 周景山著. BF449 .Z46 2018
10 Manage your stress / Clare Wilson. BF575.S75 W55 2020
11 搞定 : 未來最需要的人生管理工具, 專注力、思考力、學習力一次升級 / 大衛・艾倫, 邁克・威廉斯, 馬克・瓦勒斯著 ; 葛窈君譯. BF637.T5 A45212 2019
12 子彈思考整理術 : 釐清超載思緒, 化想法為行動, 專注最重要的事, 設計你想要的人生 / 瑞德・卡洛 ; 吳凱琳譯. BF637.T5 C3812 2018
13 Make time : how to focus on what matters every day / Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. BF637.T5 K63 2018
14 把時間當作朋友 : 沒有人能管理時間, 你真正能管理的只有你自己 / 李笑來著. BF637.T5 L54 2018
15 最高學習法 : 12個改變你如何思考、學習與記憶的核心關鍵 / 傑里德・庫尼・霍維斯著 ; 陳錦慧譯. BF774 .H6712 2020
16 Qualitative inquiry & research design : choosing among five approaches / John W. Creswell, Cheryl N. Poth. H61 .C73 2018
17 Doing a literature review : releasing the research imagination / Chris Hart. H62 .H27 2018
18 How to keep your research project on track : insights from when things go wrong / edited by Keith Townsend, Mark N.K. Saunders. H62 .H649 2018
19 Developing online learning in the helping professions : online, blended, and hybrid models / Angie C. Smith [and 3 others]. H62.2 .S65 2018
20 The pomodoro technique : the acclaimed time-management system that has transformed how we work / Francesco Cirillo. HD69.T54 C57 2018
21 我的一天有二十七小時 : 創造「專屬於自己的三小時」人生・工作的超級整理法 / 木村聰子著 ; 王蘊潔譯. HD69.T54 K5612 2018
22 The first 2 hours : make better use of your most valuable time / Donna McGeorge. HD69.T54 M24 2019
23 圖解簡簡單單告別推拖拉 / 安田正 ; 伊之文譯. HD69.T54 Y3712 2019
24 Stand out from the crowd : key skills for study, work and life / Laura Dorian and Eleanor Loughlin. HF5381 .D568 2019
25 E-learning department of one / Emily Wood. HF5549.5.T7 W66 2019
26 校長畢業了 : 亦師亦友心底話 / 沈祖堯著. LA1134.H6 S825 2018
27 美國讀寫教育 : 6個學習現場, 6場震撼 / 作者曾多聞. LA217.2 .Z46 2020
28 Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers / Judith Bell and Stephen Waters. LB1028 .B34 2018
29 Blended learning : global perspectives / editor, Li-Fan Byun. LB1028.5 .B54 2021
30 最高自主學習法 : 讀書・工作, 一生受用, 快速提取資訊精華, 駕馭各種複雜知識 / 彼得・霍林斯著 ; 陳圓君譯. LB1029.A22 H6512 2020
31 閱讀力 : 三招教你破解閱讀密碼, 強化競爭力 = The power of reading / 陳嘉英著. LB1049 .C448 2018
32 精神科醫師的輸入與輸出學習法 / 樺澤紫苑著 ; 郭子菱譯. LB1049 .K3312 2020
33 Letters to a new student : tips to study smarter from a psychologist / Gary W. Wood. LB1049 .W6265 2019
34 An introduction to theories of learning / Matthew H. Olson and Julio J. Ramirez. LB1051 .H42 2020
35 Teach yourself how to learn : strategies you can use to ace any course at any level / Saundra Yancy McGuire with Stephanie McGuire ; foreword by Mark McDaniel. LB1060 .M385 2018
36 Ways of learning : learning theories for the classroom / Alan Pritchard. LB1060 .P735 2018
37 學習的26種方法 : 啟發孩子更好懂的史丹佛基礎教育指南 / 丹尼爾・施瓦茨, 潔西卡・曾, 克莉絲汀・布萊爾合著 ; 薛浩然譯. LB1060 .S3912 2018
38 Peak performance : success in college and beyond / Sharon K. Ferrett. LB1062.6 .F47 2018
39 學習如何學習 / 芭芭拉・歐克莉, 泰倫斯・索諾斯基, 阿利斯泰爾・麥康維合著 ; 林金源譯. LB1066 .O3512 2019
40 圖解心智圖的第一本書 : 腦力全開想像力 X 記憶力 X 學習力 / 東尼・博贊著 ; 陳昭如譯. LB1590.3 .B8912 2020
41 深度學習力 : 學歷貶值時代, MIT博士教你從大學就脫穎而出的75個成功法則 / 卡爾・紐波特著 ; 朱崇旻譯. LB2343.3 .N4912 2018
42 Focus on college success / Constance Staley. LB2343.32 .S732 2018
43 How to use your reading in your essays / Jeanne Godfrey. LB2369 .G58 2018
44 英文研究論文寫作 : 關鍵句指引 = The handbook of research paper writing / 廖柏森著. LB2369 .L523 2019
45 英文研究論文寫作 : 文法指引 = Grammar for the writing of English research papers / 廖柏森著. LB2369 .L524 2020
46 How to fix your academic writing trouble : a practical guide / Inger Mewburn, Katherine Firth and Shaun Lehmann. LB2369 .M4 2019
47 Dissertation research and writing for built environment students / Shamil G. Naoum. LB2369 .N27 2019
48 A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago style for students and researchers / Kate L. Turabian ; revised by Wayne C. Booth [and 4 others], and the University of Chicago Press editorial staff. LB2369 .T8 2018
49 The mad scientist's guide to composition* : (a somewhat cheeky but exceedingly useful introduction to academic writing) : *now with 100% more monsters! / Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock. LB2369 .W388 2020
50 Academic success : a student's guide to studying at university / Jean Brick [and 3 others]. LB2395 .B73 2019
51 The academic skills handbook : your guide to success in writing, thinking and communicating at university / Diana Hopkins & Tom Reid. LB2395 .H67 2018
52 How to be a successful student : 20 study habits based on the science of learning / Richard E. Mayer. LB2395 .M42 2019
53 The psychology of effective studying : how to succeed in your degree / Paul Penn. LB2395 .P46 2020
54 A guide to effective studying and learning : practical strategies from the science of learning / Matthew G. Rhodes, Anne M. Cleary, Edward L. DeLosh. LB2395 .R54 2020
55 10倍筆記力 : 分心時代, 用「3步驟」快速抓住注意力、化創意為1000%業績達成率 / 佐藤ねじ ; 許郁文譯. LB2395.25 .S2812 2018
56 In harmony : an integrated approach to reading and writing / Kathleen T. McWhorter. LB2395.3 .M393 2019
57 Reading at university : how to improve your focus and be more critical / Jamie Q Roberts and Caitlin Hamilton. LB2395.3 .R63 2020
58 Exploring the opportunities and challenges of?college?students / Seungyeon Lee, editor. LB3609 .E97 2020
59 共讀的力量 : 帶領社群學習的引導技術 / 林揚程著. LC6615 .L569 2019
60 Speaking of writing : a brief rhetoric / Allegra Goodman and Michael Prince ; illustrated by Emmeline Pidgen. P301.5.A27 G66 2019
61 Mastering academic writing / Boba Samuels & Jordana Garbati. P301.5.A27 S35 2019
62 Preparing adult English learners to write for college and the workplace / edited by Kirsten Schaetzel, Joy Kreeft Peyton, and Rebeca Fern?ndez. PE1065 .P75 2019
63 The least you should know about English : writing skills / Paige Wilson, Teresa Ferster Glazier. PE1408 .G5593 2018
64 Writing matters : a handbook for writing and research / Rebecca Moore Howard. PE1408 .H6832 2019
65 College writing skills with readings / John Langan, Zo? L. Albright. PE1408 .L3178 2019
66 Academic writing skills for international students / Siew Hean Read. PE1408 .R435 2019
67 The McGraw-Hill guide : writing for college, writing for life / Duane Roen, Gregory R. Glau, Barry M. Maid. PE1408 .R643 2018
68 Writing analytically / David Rosenwasser, Jill Stephen. PE1408 .R69 2019
69 Academic writing : a handbook for international students / Stephen Bailey. PE1413 .B28 2018
70 Evergreen : a guide to writing with readings / Susan Fawcett. PE1413 .F38 2018
71 Common places : integrated reading and writing / Lisa Hoeffner, Kent Hoeffner. PE1413 .H553 2019
72 The writer's workplace : building college writing skills / Sandra Scarry, John Scarry. PE1413 .S32 2018
73 The writer's workplace with readings : building college writing skills / Sandra Scarry, John Scarry. PE1413 .S37 2018
74 Focus on writing : what college students want to know / Laurie McMillan. PE1417 .M4533 2019
75 Readings for writers / [compiled by] Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell, Anthony C. Winkler. PE1417 .R423 2020
76 English sentence builder / Ed Swick. PE1441 .S953 2018
77 Essay essentials with readings / Rhonda Dynes, Sarah Norton, Brian Green. PE1471 .D96 2019
78 Doing a literature review in health and social care : a practical guide / Helen Aveyard. RA440.85 .A949 2019
79 Critical thinking and writing in nursing / Bob Price & Anne Harrington. RT24 .P75 2019
80 Making sense : a student's guide to research and writing : engineering and the physical sciences / Margot Northey, Judi Jewinski, Andrew Trivett. T11 .N675 2021