Book Highlights - Creativity Inside Out 創意內外 (Dec 2020)

e-Books / Printed Books

A) e-Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 Capitalizing on creativity at work : fostering the implementation of creative ideas in organizations / edited by Miha Škerlavaj (Professor, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway) [and three others].
2 Creativity and innovation : a new theory of ideas / Prateek Goorha, Jason Potts.
3 Creativity, imagination and innovation : perspectives and inspirational stories.
4 創意思考與文創應用 / 賀瑞麟等
5 拼出創意 / 許穎榛
6 Your Creative Mind : Disrupt Your Thinking, Abandon Your Comfort Zone, and Develop Bold New Strategies / Scott Cochrane. BF408 .C63 2016eb
7 Creativity and humor / edited by Sarah R. Luria, John Baer, James C. Kaufman. BF408 .C74 2019eb
8 Creative intelligence in the 21st century : grappling with enormous problems and huge opportunities / foreword by Joseph S. Renzulli ; edited by Don Ambrose (Rider University, USA) and Robert J. Sternberg (Cornell University, USA). BF408 .C7468 2016eb
9 The craft of creativity / Matthew A. Cronin and Jeffrey Loewenstein. BF408 .C7578 2018eb
10 A theory of creative thinking : construction and verification of the dual circulation model / He Kekang. BF408 .H45 2017eb
11 Creativity 101 / James C. Kaufman, PhD. BF408 .K364 2016eb
12 Unlocking Creativity : How to Solve Any Problem and Make the Best Decisions by Shifting Creative Mindsets / by Michael A. Roberto. BF408 .R63 2019eb
13 Where is creativity? : a multi-disciplinary approach / Jim Shorthose and Neil Maycroft. BF408 .S4496 2017eb
14 Creativity and the performing artist : behind the mask / Paula Thomson and S. Victoria Jaque. BF408 .T46 2017eb
15 Understanding creativity: : past, present and future perspectives / Roger L. Cuadra, editor. BF408 .U64 2019eb
16 Creativity in context / Teresa M. Amabile ; with updates by Teresa M. Amabile [and 6 others]. BF411 .A43 2018eb
17 Midlife creativity and identity : life into art / by Philip Miles. BF411 .P45 2019eb
18 Creative Strategy Generation : Using Passion and Creativity to Compose Business Strategies That Inspire Action and Growth / Bob Caporale. HD30.28eb
19 The innovation factory / Gilles Garel, Elmar Mock ; foreword by Yyes Pigneur. HD45 .G37 2016
20 Rethinking innovation and design for emerging markets : inside the Renault Kwid project / Cristophe Midler, Bernard Jullien, Yannick Lung ; preface by Carlos Ghosn. HD45 .M484 2017eb
21 Creative Courage : Leveraging Imagination, Collaboration, and Innovation to Create Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams / by Welby Altidor. HD53 .A48 2017eb
22 Creativity for innovation management / John Bessant, Ina Goller. HD53 .B477 2017eb
23 Creativity in workforce development and innovation : emerging research and opportunities / Sally Blake, Candice M. Burkett. HD53 .B5665 2018eb
24 Up Your Creativity and Innovativeness / by Jeff Davidson. HD53 .D38 2018eb
25 The art of ideas : creative thinking for work and life / William Duggan and Amy Murphy ; [Laura Dabalsa, illustrator]. HD53 .D838 2020eb
26 Designpedia : 80 Tools for Realizing Your Ideas / by Juan Gasca, Rafael Zaragoza. HD53 .G37 2017eb
27 Creativity and strategic innovation management : directions for future value in changing times / Malcolm Goodman and Sandra M. Dingli. HD53 .G663 2017eb
28 The business of creativity : how to build the right team for success / Keith Granet. HD53 .G73 2017eb
29 Mastering creativity in organizations / Andres Hatum. HD53 .H388 2017eb
30 Individual creativity in the workplace / edited by Roni Reiter-Palmon, Victoria L. Kennel, James C. Kaufman. HD53 .I53 2018eb
31 Banish Your Inner Critic : Silence the Voice of Self-Doubt to Unleash Your Creativity and Do Your Best Work / by Denise Jacobs. HD53 .J33 2017eb
32 The art of innovation : lessons in creativity from IDEO, America's leading design firm / Tom Kelley ; with Jonathan Littman. HD53 .K454 2016eb
33 Innovation is a state of mind : simple strategies to be more innovative in what you do / James O'Loghlin. HD53 .O464 2016eb
34 Creative thinking and brainstorming / J. Geoffrey Rawlinson. HD53 .R395 2017eb
35 Be creative - now! : the 2-in-1 manager : speed read - instant tips ; big picture - lasting results / Steve Rawling. HD53 .R3952 2016eb
36 Innovation for the Fatigued : How to Build a Culture of Deep Creativity / by Alf Rehn. HD53 .R44 2019eb
37 Simply Brilliant : Powerful Techniques to Unlock Your Creativity and Spark New Ideas / Bernhard Schroeder. HD53 .S37 2017eb
38 Innovation catalysts : how leaders learn to boost creativity in teams / Rob Sheffield (Bluegreen Learning, United Kingdom). HD53 .S544 2019eb
39 Understanding creative business : values, networks, and innovation / Jim Shorthose and Neil Maycroft. HD53 .S556 2016eb
40 Team creativity and innovation / edited by Roni Reiter-Palmon. HD53 .T436 2018eb
41 Creativity on demand : the dilemmas of innovation in an accelerated age / Eitan Y. Wilf. HD53 .W56 2019eb
42 Leading innovation, creativity and enterprise / Peter Cook. HD57.7 .C66 2016eb
43 Public relations and the power of creativity : strategic opportunities, innovation and critical challenges / edited by Sarah Bowman [and three others]. HD59 .P83 2018eb
44 Handbook for creative team leaders / Tudor Rickards, Susan Moger. HD66 .R45 2017eb
45 The invention of creativity : modern society and the culture of the new / Andreas Reckwitz ; translated by Steven Black. HD9999.C9472 R43 2017eb
46 創新可以更好、更快、更有效 : 全球最權威趨勢獵人, 解析6大機會模式, 讓商業點子源源不絶 / 傑洛米・迦奇著 ; 吳書榆譯. HF5386 .G87312 2016eb
47 Sticky creativity : Post-it note cognition, computers, and design / edited by Bo T. Christensen, Kim Halskov, Clemens N. Klokmose. HF5547.15 .S75 2020eb
48 Creative learning in higher education : international perspectives and approaches / edited by Linda S. Watts and Patrick Blessinger. LB2395.35 .C74 2017eb
49 The art of creative watercolor : inspiration & techniques for imaginative drawing and painting / Danielle Donaldson. ND2420 .D663 2018eb
50 The artist in the machine : the world of AI-powered creativity / Arthur I. Miller. NX180.C66 M555 2019eb
51 The creativity code : art and innovation in the age of AI / Marcus du Sautoy. Q335 .D8 2019eb
52 Computational creativity : the philosophy and engineering of autonomously creative systems / Tony Veale, F. Amílcar Cardoso, editors. Q342 .C66 2019eb
53 Creativity as co-therapist : the practitioner's guide to the art of psychotherapy / Lisa Ruth Mitchell. RC489.A7 M58 2016eb
54 Practical creativity and innovation in systems engineering / Avner Engel. T49.5 .E525 2018eb
55 The design thinking quick start guide : a 6-step process for generating and implementing creative solutions / Isabell Osann, Lena Mayer, Inga Wiele ; translated by Amy Buer. TS171.4 .O8313 2020eb

B) Printed Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 Creativity and philosophy / edited by Berys Gaut and Matthew Kieran. B105.C74 C76 2018
2 An introduction to critical and creative thinking : analysing and evaluating ordinary language reasoning / T. Brian Mooney, John N. Williams, Steven Burik. BC177 .M66 2016
3 The Cambridge handbook of creativity / edited by James C. Kaufman, Robert J. Sternberg. BF408 .C36 2019
4 Lateral thinking : a textbook of creativity / Edward de Bono. BF408 .D4 2016
5 Creativity, imagination and innovation : perspectives and inspirational stories / editor, Xavier Pavie translation by Roisein Kelly. BF408 .G6813 2019
6 The big thing : how to complete your creative project even if you're a lazy, self-doubting procrastinator like me / Phyllis Korkki. BF408 .K6595 2016
7 60 innovative cognitive strategies for the bright, the sensitive, and the creative : new investigations into the home of the mind / Eric Maisel. BF408 .M231947 2018
8 The nature of human creativity / edited by Robert J. Sternberg and James C. Kaufman. BF408 .N38 2018
9 創意, 然後呢? : 蘇麗媚對於創意・創值・創業的28道思考 = 28 good thinking : idea・value・ business / 蘇麗媚口述 盧智芳採訪整理. BF408 .S8 2016
10 Conceptual blockbusting : a guide to better ideas / James L. Adams. BF441 .A34 2019
11 Design thinking : a guide to creative problem solving for everyone / Andrew Pressman. BF449 .P74 2019
12 越無聊, 越開竅 : 無所事事更能釋放你的創意與效率 / 瑪諾什・佐摩羅迪著 劉復苓譯. BF575.B67 Z66212 2018
13 Happiness is... : 200 ways to be creative / Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar. BF575.H27 S944 2017
14 重點不在你多優秀, 而在你想多優秀 : 英國創意大師的不乖成功學 / 保羅・亞頓著 許恬寧譯. BF637.S4 A7212 2016
15 讓大象飛 : 矽谷創投教父打造激進式創新的關鍵洞察 / 史蒂文・霍夫曼著 周海云, 陳耿宣譯. HB615 .H6412 2018
16 下一波商業創新模式 : 圖像溝通 × 策略創新 × 商業設計思維, 搶占未來市場商機 / 馬克・史努卡斯, 帕克・李, 麥特・莫拉斯基著 溫力秦譯. HD30.28 .S6512 2017
17 Google創投認證! Sprint衝刺計畫 : Google最實用工作法, 5天5步驟迅速解決難題、測試新點子、完成更多工作! / 傑克・納普, 約翰・澤拉斯基, 布雷登・柯維兹著 許瑞宋譯. HD30.29 .K6312 2016
18 Creative management of complex systems / Jean-Alain Héraud, Fiona Kerr, Thierry Burger-Helmchen. HD31.2 .H47 2019
19 Unsafe thinking : how to be creative and bold when you need it most / Jonah Sachs. HD38.2 .S23 2018
20 高勝率創新 : 別再讓平庸反對埋沒下一個好點子, 迎向未來必備的決策新思維 / 薩菲・巴考著 ; 胡宗香譯. HD53 .B3412 2020
21 創意提問力 : 麻省理工領導力中心前執行長教你如何說出好問題 / 海爾・葛瑞格森著 ; 吳書榆譯. HD53 .G745312 2020
22 The art of innovation : lessons in creativity from IDEO, America's leading design firm / Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman. HD53 .K454 2016
23 Creative change : why we resist it... how we can embrace it / Jennifer Mueller. HD53 .M84 2017
24 創意的偏見 : 為什麼領導者總是渴求創意, 最後卻拒絕創意? / 珍妮佛・穆勒 陳琇玲譯. HD53 .M8412 2017
25 商業人・設計腦 / 佐宗邦威著 黃友玫譯. HD53 .S37612 2016
26 The innovative mindset : 5 behaviors for accelerating breakthroughs / John Sweeney and Elena Imaretska. HD53 .S8944 2016
27 Google超級用人學 : 讓人才創意不絶、企業不斷成長的創新工作守則 / 拉茲洛・博克著 連育德譯. HD57.7 .B63312 2018
28 The new leader : harnessing the power of creativity to produce change / Renee Kosiarek. HD57.7 .K62 2016
29 Change by design : how design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation / Tim Brown with Barry Katz. HD58.8 .B772 2019
30 Design thinking at work : how innovative organizations are embracing design / David Dunne. HD58.8 .D86 2018
31 Integrated marketing communication : creative strategy from idea to implementation / Robyn Blakeman. HF5415.123 .B557 2018
32 The creative workplace / design by WorkGroup with an introduction by Rob Alderson. HF5547.2 .C74 2016
33 Advertising creative : strategy, copy, design / Tom Altstiel, Jean Grow, Marcel Jennings HF5823 .A758 2020
34 An A-Z of creative teaching in higher education / Sylvia Ashton & Rachel Stone. LB2331 .A84 2018
35 10倍筆記力 : 分心時代, 用「3步驟」快速抓住注意力、化創意為1000%業績達成率 / 佐藤ねじ ; 許郁文譯. LB2395.25 .S2812 2018
36 創建新世紀 : 奇幻世界建築設計講座 / 羅伯・亞歷山大 翻譯, 賈鵬. N8217.F28 A4512 2016
37 Notes on design : how creative practice works / Kees Dorst edited by Phyllis Crabill, Leo Dorst and Lucy Kaldor. NK1510 .D67 2017
38 設計與革新 : 給年輕設計師的50個備忘錄 = Design and innovation : 50 ways to create the future / 太刀川英輔 趙昕, 李妮燕, 曾鈺珮譯. NK1510 .T3312 2019
39 新零售藝術 : 全球60家最美獨立店, 教你最佳策展、行銷、陳列、服務的操作祕訣 = The creative shopkeeper / 露西・強森著 鄭百雅譯. NK2195.S89 J6412 2018
40 Habits of the creative mind / Richard E. Miller, Ann Jurecic PN145 .M4875 2020
41 打破大腦偽科學 : 右腦不會比左腦更有創意, 男生的方向感也不會比女生好 / 漢寧・貝克著 顏徽玲, 林敏雅譯. QP376 .H4612 2018
42 Inventive engineering : knowledge and skills for creative engineers / Tomasz Arciszewski. TA157 .A73 2016