Book Highlights - Career Guidance 就業指南 (May - Jun 2020)

E-Books / Printed Books

A) E-Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 101 careers in counseling / Hodges, Shannon BF636.6 .H63 2018eb
2 101 careers in education / Carlson, John S. LB1775.2 .C38 2016eb
3 101 careers in mathematics / QA10.5 .A15 2019eb
4 101 great answers to the toughest interview questions / Fry, Ronald W. HF5549.5.I6 F75 2016eb
5 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems / Falcone, Paul HF5549.5.D55 F35 2017eb
6 101 smart questions to ask on your interview / Fry, Ronald W. HF5549.5.I6 F757 2016eb
7 101 ways to connect with your customers, chiefs, and co-workers / Silvis, Carol A. HF5381 .S55 2015eb
8 20 great career-building activities using Facebook / Small, Cathleen HM743.F33 S63 2017eb
9 20 great career-building activities using Instagram and Snapchat / Lopez, Eduardo, HM743.S53 L67 2017eb
10 20 great career-building activities using Pinterest / Lew, Kristi HM743.P56 L49 2017eb
11 20 great career-building activities using Tumblr / Henneberg, Susan TK5105.8884 .H46 2017eb
12 20 great career-building activities using Twitter / Furgang, Kathy HM743.T95 F87 2017eb
13 20 great career-building activities using YouTube / Furgang, Adam TK5105.8868.Y68 F87 2017eb
14 25 things to say to the interviewer, to get the job you want + how to get a promotion / Hawk, Dexter
15 25歲, 日本打工血淚史! / 阿榮 HF5382.75.J3 A74 2016eb
16 365 ideas for recruiting, retaining, motivating and rewarding your volunteers : / Fader, Sunny,
17 51 tools for transforming your training / Hare, Kimberley
18 7 skills for the future : adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, being proactive, resilience / Prince, Emma-Sue HF5381 .P756 2019eb
19 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire / Falcone, Paul HF5549.5.I6 .F35 2018eb
20 A career as a mobile app developer / Porterfield, Jason QA76.76.A65 P664 2018eb
21 A career as a social media manager / Mapua, Jeff
22 A career in biomedical engineering / Abramovitz, Melissa, R856.2 .A27 2019eb
23 A career in civil engineering / Roland, James TA157 .R64128 2019eb
24 A career in computer engineering / Kallen, Stuart A., TK7885.5 .K35 2019eb
25 A career in computer graphics and design / Greek, Joe NC1001 .G74 2015eb
26 A career in customer service and tech support / Mapua, Jeff HF5415.5 .M165 2015eb
27 A career in electrical engineering / Szumski, Bonnie, TK159 .S987 2019eb
28 A career in environmental engineering / Kallen, Stuart A., TD156 .K35 2019eb
29 A career in mechanical engineering / Currie-McGhee, L. K. (Leanne K.) TJ157 .C87 2019eb
30 A guide for dual-career couples : rewriting the rules / Sprunt, Eve HD4904.25 .S678 2016eb
31 A guide to the scientific career / Q147 .G85 2020eb
32 A manager's guide to developing competencies in HR staff / Hartman, Phyllis G., HF5549 .H378 2017eb
33 Accelerated leadership development / Wichert, Ines C.
34 Agency at work / HF5381 .A44 2017eb
35 An everyone culture : becoming a deliberately developmental organization / Kegan, Robert
36 An insider's guide to university administration / Grassian, Daniel, LB2341 .G668 2020eb
37 An intelligent career : taking ownership of your work and your life / Arthur, Michael B. (Michael Bernard), 1945- HF5549.5.C35 A779 2017eb
38 An introduction to professional and executive coaching / Boysen-Rotelli, Sheila HF5549.5.C53 B68 2018eb
39 Analyzing workplace arrogance and organizational effectiveness : emerging research and opportunities / Tamzini, Khaled, 1973- HF5549.5.J63 T33 2018eb
40 Angular Interview Questions and Answers : Including Angular 6, 5, 4 and 2 / Singh, Anil HF5549.5.I6 .S56 2018eb
41 Antigay bias in role-model occupations / Spitko, E. Gary KF3467.5 .S65 2016eb
42 Ask the right questions, hire the best people / Fry, Ronald W.
43 ATD talent management handbook / HF5549.5.S38 A83 2016eb
44 ATD's Action Guide to Talent Development / Biech, Elaine HF5549.5.R44 .B54 2018eb
45 ATDs Foundations of Talent Development / Biech, Elaine HF5549.5.R44 .B54 2018eb
46 Autonomous learning in the workplace / / HD58.8 .A87 2017eb
47 Beating the workplace bully / Curry, Lynne (Management consultant) HF5549.5.E43 C867 2016eb
48 Becoming a clinical psychologist : / Mayers, Steven Thomas RC467 .M39 2019eb
49 Becoming a data engineer / La Bella, Laura QA76.9.D26 L3 2018eb
50 Becoming a database administrator / Kamberg, Mary-Lane, QA76.9.D3 K3557 2018eb
51 Becoming a psychology professor : / Boysen, Guy A. BF76 .B69 2020eb
52 Becoming a quality assurance engineer / Porterfield, Jason TS156.6 .P67 2018eb
53 Becoming a software engineer / Leavitt, Amie Jane QA76.758 .L43 2018eb
54 Becoming a systems administrator / Kamberg, Mary-Lane, QA76.23 .K356 2018eb
55 Becoming a systems analyst / La Bella, Laura T57.6 .L29 2018eb
56 Becoming a user interface and user experience engineer / Hinton, Kerry QA76.9.U83 H56 2018eb
57 Becoming a wildlife professional / SK355 .B43 2017eb
58 Beginning Machine Learning in iOS / Thakkar, Mohit HF5549.5.T7 .T43 2019eb
59 Best Job Ever : Rethink Your Career, Redefine Rich, Revolutionize Your Life / Bray, C.K. HF5381 .B73 2016eb
60 Big data analyst / Steffens, Bradley, QA10.5 .S74 2018eb
61 Blended Learning / Hofmann, Jennifer HF5549.5.R44 .H64 2018eb
62 Board-Seeker : Your Guidebook and Career Map into the Corporate Boardroom / Ward, Ralph.
63 Boost your career : how to make an impact, get recognized, and build the career you want / Flaum, Sander A., 1937- HF5381 .F538 2017eb
64 Boost Your Nursing Leadership Career : 50 Lessons that Drive Success / White, Kenneth R. HF5381 .W45 2017eb
65 Breaking into information security : crafting a custom career path to get the job you really want / More, Josh QA76.9.A25 M67 2016eb
66 Breaking through bias : communication techniques for women to succeed at work / Kramer, Andrea S. HD30.3 .K695 2016eb
67 Brilliant employability skills : how to stand out from the crowd in the graduate job market / Trought, Frances HD6277 .T76 2017eb
68 Brilliant graduate career handbook / Done, Judith HD6277 .D66 2016eb
69 Bringing Mindfulness to Your Workplace / Wang, Zhengzi BF632 .W36 2016eb
70 British Qualifications 2019 : A Complete Guide to Professional, Vocational & Academic Qualifications in the United Kingdom / Editorial, Kogan Page TA157 .E35 2019eb
71 Building a career outside academia / BF76 .B85 2019eb
72 Building better students : preparation for the workforce / HD5706 .B855 2017eb
73 Building Blocks of Workplace Inclusion / Silveira, Evelina HF5549.5.C53 .S55 2017eb
74 Business & administration : exploring career pathways / Reeves, Diane Lindsey, 1959- HF5381.2 .R425 2018eb
75 Business Acumen Basics for Talent Development : My Career, Volume 35, Issue 1804, April 2018 / Brodo, Robert S. HF5381 .B76 2018eb
76 Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies, 2nd Edition / Taylor, Marie HF5549.5.C53 .T39 2017eb
77 Business Development Culture / Moyle, Alex HF5438.4 .M69 2018eb
78 Career counseling / Savickas, Mark, HF5381 .S279 2019eb
79 Career counseling interventions : practice with diverse clients / HF5381 .C373 2016eb
80 Career Courage : Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Create the Success You Want / Kelley, Katie C. HF5381 .K45 2016eb
81 Career development : a human resource development perspective / McDonald, Kimberly HF5549.5.C35 M383 2016eb
82 Career development : theories, practices and challenges / HF5381 .C374 2016eb
83 Career development across the lifespan : counseling for community, schools, higher education, and beyond / HF5381 .C37 2019eb
84 Career development all-in-one for dummies / Alidina, Shamash HF5381 .A55 2017eb
85 Career Management for Life / Greenhaus, Jeffrey H. HF5381 .G74 2019eb
86 Career match : connecting who you are with what you'll love to do / Zichy, Shoya HF5381 .Z467 2017eb
87 Career paths in telemental health / / R119.95 .C37 2017eb
88 Career planning, development, and management / West, Jonathan P. (Jonathan Page), HF5381 .W47 2017eb
89 Career road map : 52 weeks of career coaching in one book / Lees, John, 1958- HF5381 .L447 2016eb
90 Career skills for surgeons / Charalambous, Charalambos Panayiotou RD27.5 .C43 2017eb
91 Careers for dummies / Marty, Nemko
92 Careers for the criminal justice major : / Mijares, Tomas C.
93 Careers if you like animals / Allman, Toney SF80 .A54 2018eb
94 Careers if you like government and politics / Uschan, Michael V., JA88.U6 U64 2017eb
95 Careers if you like helping people / Snyder, Gail HV10.5 .S596 2018eb
96 Careers if you like history / MacKay, Jenny, D16.19 .M35 2017eb
97 Careers if you like math / Sheen, Barbara QA10.5 .S54 2017eb
98 Careers if you like music / Roberts, Laura ML3795 .R597 2018eb
99 Careers if you like science / Snyder, Gail Q147 .S65 2017eb
100 Careers if you like sports / Kallen, Stuart A., GV734 .K35 2018eb
101 Careers if you like the arts / Kallen, Stuart A., N8350 .K35 2017eb
102 Careers if you like the outdoors / Kallen, Stuart A., HF5381.2 .K348 2018eb
103 Careers if you like video games / Mooney, Carla, GV1469.3 .M65 2018eb
104 Careers if you like writing / Green, Robert, PN159 .G74 2017eb
105 Careers in architecture and construction / Sheen, Barbara NA2555 .S54 2016eb
106 Careers in aviation and aerospace / Kallen, Stuart A., TL561 .K357 2017eb
107 Careers in business administration / Mooney, Carla, HD38.2 .M66 2018eb
108 Careers in chiropractic health care /
109 Careers in dentistry / Byers, Ann RK63 .B94 2018eb
110 Careers in digital media / Brezina, Corona QA76.575 .B745 2018eb
111 Careers in digital media / Roberts, Laura, PN4784.O62 R625 2018eb
112 Careers in education & training / LB1775.2 .C374 2016eb
113 Careers in education / Sheen, Barbara LB1775.2 .S48 2016eb
114 Careers in emergency response / Wilcox, Christine HV551.2 .W545 2017eb
115 Careers in environmental and energy technology / Allen, John, TD156 .A45 2017eb
116 Careers in environmental conservation / Wilcox, Christine GE115 .W548 2018eb
117 Careers in finance / Mattern, Joanne, HG173.8 .M37 2016eb
118 Careers in food and agriculture / Kallen, Stuart A., S494.5.A4 K35 2018eb
119 Careers in gaming / Roberts, Laura QA76.76.C672 R6326 2017eb
120 Careers in information technology / T58.5 .C375 2016eb
121 Careers in internet technology / Steffens, Bradley, TK5105.875.I57 S7545 2017eb
122 Careers in law enforcement / Uschan, Michael V., HV8143 .U83 2017eb
123 Careers in manufacturing & production / HD9720.5 .C37 2016eb
124 Careers in medical technology / Steffens, Bradley, R855.4 .S74 2017eb
125 Careers in medicine / Currie-McGhee, L. K. (Leanne K.) R690 .C87 2018eb
126 Careers in mental health / Harmon, Daniel E. RA790.75 .H37 2018eb
127 Careers in mental health / Roland, James RA790.75 .R65 2017eb
128 Careers in renewable energy / Nardo, Don, HD9502.5.C542 N37 2018eb
129 Careers in robotics / Hulick, Kathryn TJ211.25 .H85 2017eb
130 Careers in sales and marketing / Sheen, Barbara HF5438.25 .S4775 2016eb
131 Careers in sales, insurance & real estate /
132 Careers in sports & fitness. / GV734.3 .C37 2017eb
133 Careers in sports and fitness / Schmidt, Debra GV734.3 .S36 2016eb
134 Careers in the arts : / NX163 .C375 2017eb
135 Careers in the legal profession / Mooney, Carla, KF297 .M659 2018eb
136 Careers in transportation. /
137 Careers in travel and hospitality / Kallen, Stuart A., G155.5 .K35 2018eb
138 Careers in women's health / Freedman, Jeri R692 .F73 2018eb
139 Careers work in schools : a primer for career development facilitators / Hughes, Catherine HF5381 .H844 2017eb
140 Coaching : a realistic perspective / Sabock, Michael D., 1955- GV711 .S22 2017eb
141 Coaching and mentoring / MacLennan, Nigel, HF5385 .M232 2017eb
142 Coaching and Mentoring / Parsloe, Eric HF5549.5.C53 .P37 2017eb
143 Coaching with careers and AI in mind / Tarry, Adina HF5549.5.C53 T37 2019eb
144 Competitive people strategy / Green, Kevin (Business consultant) HF5549.5.R58 G744 2019eb
145 Computers in company training / Hawkridge, David G. HF5549.5.T7 H395 2018eb
146 Confident Coding : Master the Fundamentals of Code and Supercharge Your Career / Percival, Rob HF5381 .P47 2017eb
147 Contemporary human resources management in the tourism industry / Tuzunkan, Demet,
148 Cooking up success : helping you discover the job of your dreams / Etsell, Cindy HF5386 .E874 2016eb
149 Cool careers without college for people who love coding / Powell, Asher QA76.9.A25 P677 2018eb
150 Cool careers without college for people who love houses and apartments / Pelos, Rebecca TX164 .P45 2018eb
151 Cool careers without college for people who love planning and organizing / Pelos, Rebecca HD38.2 .P45 2018eb
152 Cool careers without college for people who love reading and research / Asselin, Janelle PN153 .A87 2018eb
153 Cool careers without college for people who love shopping / Pelos, Rebecca HF5437 .P45 2018eb
154 Cool careers without college for people who love writing and blogging / Pelos, Rebecca PN159 .P45 2018eb
155 Coping with aggressive behaviour / McGregor, Jane, Dr. HD8038.A1 M347 2017eb
156 Cosmopolitan managers : executive development that works / Iñiguez de Onzoño, Santiago HD57.7 .I54 2016eb
157 Counterproductive work behaviors : understanding the dark side of personalities in organizational life / Cohen, Aaron, 1952- HD58.7 .C62129 2018eb
158 Cracking the IT architect interview / Paradkar, Sameer HC79.I55 P373 2016eb
159 Creating job ownership / Stewart, Henry, 1959- Speaker.
160 DBA Transformations : Building Your Career in the Transition to On-Demand Cloud Computing and Extreme Automation / Malcher, Michelle HF5381 .M35 2018eb
161 Dealing with Difficult People (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series) / Review, Harvard Business.
162 Dealing with Difficult People / Lilley, Roy HF5548.8 .L55 2019eb
163 Dealing with difficult people / Lilley, Roy C. HF5548.8 .L555 2019eb
164 Dealing with difficult people in a week / Langford-Wood, Naomi HF5549.5.E42 S25 2016eb
165 Deliver Great Training Courses in a Week / Manser, Martin HF5549.5.T7 .M36 2016eb
166 Developing sustainable careers across the lifespan : / De Vos, Ans HF5381 .D48 2016eb
167 Don't get a job... make a job / Barton, Gem NK1172 .B37 2016eb
168 E-learning in the workplace / Wang, Minhong, HF5549.5.T7 W364 2018eb
169 Employability : making the most of your career development / Neugebauer, John HF5381 .N484 2016eb
170 Employability and first line managers / Neugebauer, John. Speaker.
171 Employee rights / Higgins, M. G.
172 Employees' emotional intelligence, motivation & productivity, and organizational excellence / Chakrabarti, Gagari, editor. BF576 .C435 2018eb
173 Employment Relations in Financial Services / Gall, Gregor HD8039.F472 G74 2017eb
174 Employment, the small firm and the labour market / HD5707 .E45 2016eb
175 Entrepreneurial you : monetize your expertise, create multiple income streams, and thrive / Clark, Dorie HB615 .C647 2017eb
176 Environmental engineering in the real world / Smibert, Angie TD156 .S65 2017eb
177 Excel at graduate interviews : how to make the best impression with recruiters / Woodcock, Bruce (Career advisor) HF5549.5.I6 W663 2016eb
178 Excellence in coaching / HF5549.5.C53 E93 2016eb
179 Expansive learning in professional contexts : / Beighton, Christian, HF5381 .B45 2016eb
180 Exploring the opportunities and challenges of medical students / / R745 .E97 2019eb
181 Extraordinary influence : / Irwin, Tim, HD57.7 .I793 2018eb
182 Fearless and Free : How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers / Sachs, Wendy HF5382.6 .S23 2017eb
183 Finding a job / Higgins, M. G. HF5382.7 .H54 2017eb
184 Finding and Hiring Talent in a Week / Cumberland, Nigel HF5549.5.S38 .C86 2016eb
185 From hello to goodbye : / Walters, Christine V., HF5549 .W337 2017eb
186 From spinster to career woman : / Young, Arlene HD6136 .Y68 2019eb
187 Get a job at the airport / Rhatigan, Joe HE9797 .R43 2017eb
188 Get a job at the grocery store / Reeves, Diane Lindsey, HD9320.5 .R44 2017eb
189 Get a job at the shopping mall / Reeves, Diane Lindsey, HF5429.29 .R44 2017eb
190 Getting paid to blog and vlog / Barrington, Richard, TK5105.8884 .B37 2017eb
191 Getting paid to make cosplay costumes and props / Mihaly, Christy GV1201.8 .M54 2017eb
192 Getting paid to make games and apps / Heitkamp, Kristina Lyn QA76.6 .H4515 2017eb
193 Getting paid to manage social media / Rauf, Don HM851 .R387 2017eb
194 Getting paid to moderate websites / Mooney, Carla, TK5105.888 .M656 2017eb
195 Getting paid to produce videos / Hand, Carol, TK5105.8867 .H36 2017eb
196 Getting paid to work in 3D / Rauf, Don TA1560 .R38 2017eb
197 Getting to Like : How to Boost Your Personal and Professional Brand to Expand Opportunities, Grow Your Business, and Achieve Financial Success / Goldman, Jeremy
198 Getting your first job for dummies / Angulo, Roberto HF5382.7 .A548 2018eb
199 Got career goals? : skills to land your dream job / Spilsbury, Louise HF5382.7 .S65 2019eb
200 Great coaching and your bottom line : / Hizak, Marijan GV711 .H59 2019eb
201 Great jobs in business / Blohm, Craig E., HF5381.2 .B56 2019eb
202 Great jobs in education / Nardo, Don, LB1775.2 .N37 2019eb
203 Great jobs in engineering / Parks, Peggy J., TA157 .P29 2019eb
204 Great jobs in health care / Sheen, Barbara R690 .S54 2019eb
205 Great jobs in sports / Feldman, Heidi Carolyn, GV734.3 .F45 2019eb
206 Great jobs in technology / Streissguth, Thomas, T65.3 .S77 2019eb
207 Handbook for training strategy / Sloman, Martyn HF5549.5.T7 S62 2017eb
208 Handbook of innovative career counselling / HF5381 .H363 2019eb
209 Handbook of international human resource development : context, processes and people / HF5549.17 .H363 2017eb
210 Handbook of training evaluation and measurement methods / Phillips, Jack J., HF5549.5.T7 P43 2016eb
211 HBR guide for women at work / HD6054.3 .H27 2019eb
212 HBR guide to delivering effective feedback / HF5549.5.R58 H37 2016eb
213 HBR guide to performance management / HF5549 .H377 2017eb
214 Health care professionalism at a glance / R690 .H435 2016eb
215 Hire Women / Madden, Debbie HF5549.5.S38 .M33 2018eb
216 Hiring and Firing / Tracy, Brian HF5549.5.S38 .T73 2016eb
217 Hiring practices and labor productivity / Koch, Marianne J. HF5549.5.S38 K63 2017eb
218 How to become a counselling psychologist / Kasket, Elaine BF636.64 .K37 2017eb
219 How to become a sport and exercise psychologist . / Eubank, Martin.
220 How to choose your major / Ghilani, Mary E., LB2361.5 .G55 2017eb
221 How to coach your team / Jones, Pam, HF5549.5.C53 J664 2016eb
222 How to Create a Coaching Culture / Jones, Gillian HF5549.5.C53 .J66 2018eb
223 How to create a coaching culture / Jones, Gillian (Business consultant)
224 How to create digital portfolios for problem solving and innovation / Thurston, IV QA76.9.F5 T48 2018eb
225 How to create digital portfolios to apply for college and jobs / Chomet, Natalie
226 How to create digital portfolios to show what you know / Timmons, Angie LB1029.P67 T56 2018eb
227 How to create digital portfolios to showcase your achievements and interests / McCormick, Anita Louise LB1029.P67 M395 2018eb
228 How to get the job you want : 10 practical steps to get a better job quicker / Hyams, Ron HF5382.7 .H936 2017eb
229 How to succeed in a PR agency : real talk to grow your career & become indispensable / Kristin Johnson, Shalon Roth. / Johnson, Kristin (Public relations consultant) HD59 .J646 2019eb
230 How to thrive and survive as a working woman : the coach-yourself toolkit / Dent, Fiona Elsa HF5382.6 .D468 2016eb
231 How to write a stellar executive resume : 50 tips to reaching your job target / Bernstein, Brenda HF5383 .B476 2018eb
232 How you learn is how you live : using nine ways of learning to transform your life / Peterson, Kay (Executive coach) BF318.5 .P484 2017eb
233 Identity, meaning, and subjectivity in career development : evolving perspectives in human resources / GEDRO, JULIE. HF5549.5.C35 G43 2017eb
234 International survey of research university faculty : job satisfaction / HF5549.5.J63 I584 2017eb
235 Interviewing for the selection of staff / Anstey, Edgar HF5549.5.I6 A68 2017eb
236 Interviewing in a changing world : situations and contexts / Amsbary, Jonathan H. (Jonathan Howard), 1956- HF5549.5.I6 A48 2018eb
237 Inventive engineering : knowledge and skills for creative engineers / Arciszewski, Tomasz TA157 .A73 2016eb
238 Is your school lying to you? : get the career you want : get the life you deserve / Williams, Edd
239 It's who you know : how to make networking work for you / Garner, Janine HF5381 .G376 2019eb
240 Job Aids Basics, 2nd Edition / Willmore, Joe HF5549.5.T7 W49318 2018eb
241 Job crafting : the art of redesigning a job / de Gennaro, Davide HF5549.5.J616 D444 2019eb
242 Job interview basics / Higgins, M. G.
243 Keeping your career on track : avoiding derailment, enriching the work experience and helping your organization / Noer, David M., 1939- HF5381 .N64 2016eb
244 Key coaching models / Gribben, Stephen HF5549.5.C53 G753 2016eb
245 Key trends in corporate training & development / Jain, Surbhi HF5549.5.T7 J356 2019eb
246 Kick Some Glass : 10 Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms / Martineau, Jennifer W.
247 Kick start your career : successful strategies and winning techniques / Smith, Lee, 1948- HF5382.7 .S655 2018eb
248 Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation / Kirkpatrick, James HF5549.5.T7 .K57 2016eb
249 Leadership : finding balance between ambition and acceptance / Marques, Joan HD57.7 .M377 2016eb
250 Leadership and organization in the aviation industry / Lumpe, Marc-Philippe HE9780 .L867 2016eb
251 Leadership by engineers and scientists : professional skills needed to succeed in a changing world / Hess, Dennis W. HD57.7 .H477 2018eb
252 Leadership lessons for health care providers / Lexa, Frank J. HD57.7 .L494 2017eb
253 Leading professionals / Empson, Laura HD57.7 .E47 2017eb
254 Leading science & technology-based organizations / Graffeo, Anthony
255 Learning Analytics : Measurement Innovations to Support Employee Development / John Mattox II, Mark Van Buren, Jean Martin. / Mattox II, John HF5549.5.T7 .M36 2016eb
256 Learning and Development / Page-Tickell, Rebecca HD58.82 .P34 2018eb
257 Learning and development / Page-Tickell, Rebecca
258 Learning and performance / Hopkins, Bryan, HF5549.5.T7 H625 2017eb
259 Learning technologies in the workplace / Taylor, Donald H. (Donald Helmdon), HF5549.5.T7 T296 2017eb
260 Learning While Working / Smith, Paul HF5549.5.T7 .S65 2018eb
261 Libraries in the information age : an introduction and career exploration / Fourie, Denise K. Z665 .F74 2016eb
262 LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies / Serdula, Donna HD69.S8 .S47 2017eb
263 Lose the resume : land the job / Burnison, Gary, 1961- HF5382.7 .B876 2018eb
264 Love your work : 4 practical ways you can pivot to your best career / Dickie, Robert HF5381 .D4764 2017eb
265 Management careers and education in shipping and logistics / Dinwoodie, John HD8039.S42 D569 2018eb
266 Managerial communication for professional development / / Bell, Reginald L. HD58.7 .B45 2019eb
267 Managing Your Boss in a Week / Mann, Sandi HF5549.12 .M36 2016eb
268 Marketing : real people, real choices / Solomon, Michael R. HF5415.35 .S65 2018eb
269 Marketing, sales & service : exploring career pathways / Reeves, Diane Lindsey, 1959- HF5415.35 .R44 2018eb
270 MBA in a Week : All the Insights of a Master of Business Administration Degree in Seven Simple Steps / Finn, Alan HF1131 .F56 2016eb
271 Mentoring Programs That Work / Labin, Jenn HF5549.5.C53 .L33 2017eb
272 Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions / Quinn, Clark N. HF5549.5.T7 .Q85 2018eb
273 Mismanagement, jumpers , and morality : / Shapira, Reuven (Sociologist) HF5387 .S466 2017eb
274 Modernize your resume : get noticed ... get hired / Enelow, Wendy S. HF5383 .E47878 2016eb
275 Moms for hire : 8 steps to kickstart your next career / Newmyer, Deborah Jelin HF5382.7 .N496 2017eb
276 More than half the sky? / Al-Sadik-Lowinski, Bettina HF5381 .A4 2017eb
277 More than half the sky? : descriptions and determinants of the career development of female Chinese senior executives working at multinational companies in China / Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski. / Al-Sadik-Lowinski, Bettina HF5381 .A4 2017eb
278 Moving forward in mid-career : a guide to rebuilding your career after being fired or laid off / Weiss, John Henry HF5382.7 .W457 2018eb
279 Navigating an academic career : / McDonnell, Jeffrey J. LB1778.2 .M336 2020eb
280 Navigating the talent shift / Hufford, Lisa HF5549 .H844 2016eb
281 New employee orientation training / Lawson, Karen HF5549.5.I53 L39 2016eb
282 New perspectives on career counseling and guidance in Europe : / HF5382.5.E84 N48 2018eb
283 Noise in the plastics processing industry / / Peters, Robert, TP1148 .P47 2018eb
284 On the nature of human resource development : / Lee, Monica M. HF5381 .L346 2016eb
285 Out of uniform : your guide to a successful military-to-civilian career transition / Wolfe, Tom, 1950- HF5384 .W64 2018eb
286 Outgrow your space at work : how to thrive at work and build a successful career / Whitted, Rick HF5381 .W535 2016eb
287 Overcoming challenges to gender equality in the workplace / HD6060 .O94 2017eb
288 Overcoming employment barriers : 127 great tips for burying red flags and finding a job that's right for you / Krannich, Ronald L. HF5382.7 .K73 2016eb
289 Peer Supervision in Coaching & Mentoring / Turner, Tammy HF5549.5.C53 .T87 2018eb
290 Penetration Testing Basics / Messier, Ric HF5549.5.T7 .M47 2016eb
291 People analytics in the era of big data / Isson, Jean Paul, HF5549 .I876 2016eb
292 Performance coaching for complex projects / Llewellyn, Tony (Executive coach) HD66 .L57 2016eb
293 Performance leadership / Leonard, Karen Moustafa. HF5549.5.P35 L46 2016eb
294 Performance management / Ashdown, Linda
295 Performance management / Venkateswara Rao, T. HF5549 .V393 2016eb
296 Performance measurement and theory / HF5549.5.R3 P475 2017eb
297 Personal success / Tracy, Brian HF5381 .T653 2016eb
298 Personalizing Training with Adaptive Learning Systems / Bennett, James HF5549.5.T7 .B46 2018eb
299 Planning and organizing personal and professional development / Sangster, Chris HF5549 .S17 2017eb
300 Planning your Career in a Week : Start your Career Planning in Seven Simple Steps / Hirsh, Wendy HF5381 .H57 2016eb
301 Postmodern career counseling : a handbook of culture, context, and cases / HF5381 .P6727 2017eb
302 Practical leadership skills for safety professionals and project engineers / Winn, Gary L. TA157 .W54 2016eb
303 Practical performance improvement / Matthews, Rod HF5549 .M37 2018eb
304 Precarious professional work / Styhre, Alexander HD5857 .S79 2017eb
305 Precision recruitment skills / Matthews, Rod HF5549.5.R44 M276 2018eb
306 Preparing a resume / Higgins, M. G.
307 Preparing students for college and careers : theory, measurement, and educational practice / LB2351.2 .P74 2018eb
308 Problem solving for new engineers : what every engineering manager wants you to know / Buie, Melisa TA157 .B854 2018eb
309 Profession and purpose : a resource guide for MBA careers in sustainability / Kross, Katie HD38.2 .K76 2017eb
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328 Resilience at work / Jackson, Kathryn,
329 Resilience at work : practical tools for career success / Jackson, Kathryn, 1972-
330 Resumes for dummies / Laura, DeCarlo HF5382.7 .D433 2019eb
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333 Rethinking international skilled migration / HD8038.A1 R48 2017eb
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340 Service level manager : careers in IT service management / Sansbury, John HF5381 .S26 2017eb
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395 The handbook of career and workforce development research, practice, and policy /
396 The handbook of continuing professional development for the health IT professional / / R858 .H46 2017eb
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404 The job-ready guide : how to set yourself up for career success / Waal, Anastasia de HF5381 .W335 2019eb
405 The management and employee development review : competitive advantage through transformative teamwork and evolved mindsets / Graves, Kelly N. HF5549.5.C53 G73 2017eb
406 The management of global careers : exploring the rise of international work / Dickmann, Michael
407 The management of living beings or emo-management / / Hoorebeke, Delphine van BF576 .H66 2018eb
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409 The Palgrave handbook of global perspectives on emotional labor in public service / HD5713.5 .P354 2019eb
410 The practitioner's handbook of team coaching / HF5549.5.C53 P733 2019eb
411 The professional skills handbook for engineers and technical professionals / / Retz, Kevin TA157 .R474 2020eb
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432 Ultimate job search : master the art of finding your ideal job, getting an interview and networking / Williams, Lynn
433 Ultimate psychometric tests : over 1000 practical questions for verbal, numerical, diagrammatic and personality tests / Bryon, Mike
434 Understanding the educational and career pathways of engineers / / T73 .U53 2018eb
435 Understanding the music business : / Weissman, Dick ML3795 .W434 2017eb
436 Up is not the only way : rethinking career mobility / Kaye, Beverly, 1943- HF5381 .K39 2017eb
437 Using anthropology in the world : / Nolan, Riall W. GN41.8 .N65 2017eb
438 Using computer science in digital gaming careers / Culp, Jennifer, QA76.76.C672 C85 2018eb
439 Using computer science in digital music careers / Culp, Jennifer, TK7881.4 .C85 2018eb
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441 Using computer science in high-tech criminal justice careers / Hand, Carol, HV7419 .H36 2018eb
442 Using computer science in high-tech health and wellness careers / Benedict, Aaron R858 .B4586 2018eb
443 Using computer science in online retail careers / Mooney, Carla, HF5429.29 .M66 2018eb
444 Vocabulary Power for Business : The 500 Words You Need to Transform Your Career and Your Life / Strutzel, Dan HF5381 .S77 2018eb
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446 Waiting on retirement / Gatta, Mary Lizabeth, HQ1063.2.U6 G38 2019eb
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450 Why I don't work here anymore / Kusy, Mitchell HF5549.5.E42 K872 2018eb
451 Winning in the robotic workplace : / Wasik, John F. HD6331 .W255 2019eb
452 Women and careers : / HD6053 .W6273 2019eb
453 Women workers' education, life narratives and politics : / Tamboukou, Maria, LC1044 .T36 2017eb
454 Women, work and care in the Asia-Pacific / / HQ1760.5 .W66 2017eb
455 Work & human behavior / Neff, Walter S. (Walter Scott), BF481 .N34 2017eb
456 Work Across the Lifespan / / HF5381 .W67 2019eb
457 Work-related learning and the social sciences / Taylor, Gary, HF5381 .T2357 2016eb
458 Working with the Walking Dead : Winning Career Strategies in a Workplace Zombie Apocalypse / Clare, Rebecca HF5381 .C53 2016eb
459 Workplace Learning : How to Build a Culture of Continuous Employee Development / Paine, Nigel HF5549.5.T7 .P35 2019eb
460 Workplace learning in emerging economies / HF5549.5.T7 W675 2016eb
461 You at work / HF5549.5.R44 Y68 2016eb
462 You're hired! : / Joseph, Cheryl HM585 .J665 2017eb
463 Your next role : how to get ahead and get promoted / O'Keeffe, Niamh HD38.2 .O422 2016eb
464 YourCreativeCareer : TurnYourPassionintoaFulfillingand FinanciallyRewardingLifestyle / Sabino, Anna HF5381 .S23 2017eb
465 Youth employment in tourism and hospitality / Walmsley, Andreas HD6270 .W35 2016eb
466 你的職業我的經 / 馬銀春.
467 圖解式金融市場常識與職業道德 / 金融編輯小組.
468 尊重你的工作 / 鄭天語 HF5549.5.C35 .Z4464 2017eb
469 就業服務乙級學術科技能檢定題庫寶典 / 黃皇凱.
470 就業服務乙級技能檢定學術科考照祕笈 / 珍妮.
471 從應屆生到職場達人 : 求職應聘寶典 / 張振華 HF5382.7 .Z4364 2018eb
472 我是職業經理人 : 供給側改革時如何做好企業掌門人 / 謝日輝.
473 理財規劃人員專業能力測驗一次過關 / 可樂.
474 用心管理 : 創造高績效的團隊文化要用心開拓 / 鄭一群 HF5549.12 .Z446 2017eb
475 盡職盡責 : 如何成為企業不可或缺的金牌員工 / 鄭一群 HF5381 .Z4464 2018eb
476 站在公司的角度考慮問題 / 鄭一群 HD58.8 .Z4464 2018eb
477 誰趕走了優秀員工 / 鄭一群 HF5549.5 .Z446 2018eb
478 躍升卓越 : 工作族成功手冊 / 吳波 HF5549.5.C35 W836 2017eb
479 高效能人材韌性培養 / 石地 HF5549 .S553 2017eb

B) Printed Books

No. Title / Author Call No.
1 2030年僱用大崩壞 : AI人工智慧讓你失去工作, 還是不用工作? / 井上智洋著 ; 謝敏怡譯. HD6331 .I5612 2018
2 A case study approach to ethics in career development / Julia Panke Makela, Jessamyn G. Perlus. HF5549.5.C35 M355 2017
3 Ace your teacher resume (and cover letter) / Anthony D. Fredericks. LB1780 .F74 2017
4 An intelligent career : taking ownership of your work and your life / Michael B. Arthur, Svetlana N. Khapova and Julia Richardson. HF5549.5.C35 A779 2017
5 Beverage services skills / Lee Perlitz. TX951 .P47 2017
6 Brand you! To land your dream job : a step-by-step guide to find a great job, get hired, and jumpstart your career / by Diane Huth. HF5381 .H88 2017
7 Brilliant employability skills : how to stand out from the crowd in the graduate job market / Frances Trought. HD6277 .T76 2017
8 Brilliant graduate career handbook / Judith Done and Rachel Mulvey. HD6277 .D66 2016
9 Building better students : preparation for the workforce / edited by Jeremy Burrus [and 3 others]. HD5706 .B85 2017
10 Bullshit jobs : a theory / David Graeber. HF5549.5.J63 G73 2018
11 Business acumen basics for talent development / Robert S. Brodo. HF5386 .B84 2018
12 Career achievement : growing your goals / Karine B. Blackett. HF5382.7 .B583 2019
13 Career development for health professionals : success in school & on the job / Lee Haroun. R690 .H377 2016
14 Career match : connecting who you are with what you'll love to do / Shoya Zichy with Ann Bidou. HF5381 .Z467 2017
15 Career success in health care : professionalism in action / Bruce J. Colbert, Elizabeth D. Katrancha. R690 .C65 2016
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17 Design portfolios : presentation and marketing for interior designers / Diane Bender. NA1996 .B453 2017
18 Develop your career with a professional certification / Bob Collins. HF5549.5.C35 C64 2018
19 Engineering your future : a brief introduction to engineering / William C. Oakes, Les L. Leone ; contributors, Toby Cumberbatch [and 10 others]. TA157 .O25 2018
20 Engineering your future : a comprehensive introduction to engineering / William C. Oakes, Les L. Leone ; contributors, Daniel F. Hartner [and 15 others]. TA157 .O223 2018
21 First year nurse : wisdom, warnings, and what I wish I'd known my first 100 days on the job / edited by Barbara Arnoldussen. RT51 .F57 2016
22 Get that job! : the quick and complete guide to a winning job interview / Thea Kelley ; foreword by Orville Pierson. HF5382.7 .K455 2017
23 Google超級用人學 : 讓人才創意不絶、企業不斷成長的創新工作守則 / 拉茲洛・博克著 ; 連育德譯. HD57.7 .B63312 2018
24 Graduate work : skills, credentials, careers, and labour markets / Gerbrand Tholen. HD6278.G7 T47 2017
25 Great at work : how top performers do less, work better, and achieve more / Morten T. Hansen. HF5549.5.J63 H2775 2018
26 HBR guide for women at work. HD6054.3 .H27 2019
27 Health science fundamentals : exploring career pathways / Shirley A. Badasch, Doreen S. Chesebro. R697.A4 B337 2016
28 How to manage your career : the power of mindset in fostering success / Kelly Swingler. HF5381 .S855 2017
29 Human relations for career and personal success : concepts, applications, and skills / Andrew J. DuBrin. HF5386 .D768 2017
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32 Introduction to paralegalism : perspectives, problems, and skills / William P. Statsky. KF320.L4 S73 2016
33 Inventive engineering : knowledge and skills for creative engineers / Tomasz Arciszewski. TA157 .A73 2016
34 LPN to RN transitions : achieving success in your new role / Nicki Harrington, Cynthia Lee Terry. RT82 .H37 2019
35 Next gen PhD : a guide to career paths in science / Melanie V. Sinche. Q147 .S55 2016
36 Nursing today : transition and trends / [edited by] JoAnn Zerwekh, Ashley Zerwekh Garneau. RT82 .N874 2018
37 Organizational behavior : improving performance and commitment in the workplace / Jason A. Colquitt, Jeffery A. Lepine, Michael J. Wesson. HD58.7 .C6255 2017
38 Paralegal today : the legal team at work / Roger LeRoy Miller, Mary Meinzinger. KF320.L4 M556 2017
39 Portfolio presentation for fashion designers / Linda Tain. TT507 .T345 2018
40 Principles of health navigation : understanding roles and career options / Karen Marie Perrin. R690 .P47 2017
41 Problem solving for new engineers : what every engineering manager wants you to know / Melisa Buie. TA157 .B835 2018
42 Professionalism : skills for workplace success / Lydia E. Anderson ; Sandra B. Bolt. HF5381.6 .A53 2016
43 Psychology of career adaptability, employability and resilience / Kobus Maree, editor. HD5713 .P79 2017
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54 The myth of the nice girl : achieving a career you love without becoming a person you hate / Fran Hauser ; with Jodi Lipper. HF5382.6 .H375 2018
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56 Ultimate interview : master the art of interview success with 100s of typical, unusual and industry-specific questions and answers / Lynn Williams. HF5549.5.I6 W54 2018
57 Using assessment results : career development / Debra S. Osborn, Vernon G. Zunker. HF5381 .Z87 2016
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59 Women who work : rewriting the rules for success / Ivanka Trump. HF5382.6 .T78 2017
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64 下一個統治世界的企業 : 人工智慧讓47%以上工作被機器人取代, 我如何把威脅變機會? / 小林雅一著 ; 劉錦秀譯. Q335 .K6312 2016
65 你可以不只是上班族 : 斜槓創業, 複業多賺多自由的27天行動計畫 / 克里斯・古利博著 ; 羅耀宗譯. HD62.5 .G85612 2018
66 你可以不遷就 : 你的求職降落傘是什麼顏色? 教你探索個人職涯、化劣勢為優勢的不敗求職指南 / 理查・尼爾森・波利斯著 ; 方慈安譯. HF5382.7 .B6512 2017
67 你就是我要找的人才 : 從履歷到面試, 都讓用人單位不想失去你 = You're the man I'm looking for / HERO著. HF5382.7 .H47 2017
68 做! 你想的工作 : 36位職場學長姐現身說法, 領你找到出路與力量 / 作者, 學長姐說. HF5381 .Z86 2019
69 哪有工作不委屈, 不工作你會更委屈 : 那些打不垮我們的, 只會讓我們更堅強 / 洪雪珍著. BF637.S8 H66 2017
70 夢想啟航 : 空服員的英文應試+飛行日誌 = Flight attendant / 胡夢瑋著. HD8039.A43 H8 2016
71 失業白領的職場漂流 : 專欄作家化身高年級求職生的臥底觀察 / 芭芭拉・艾倫瑞克著 ; 林淑媛譯. HD5708.55.U6 E4712 2017
72 安靜是種超能力 : 寫給內向者的職場進擊指南, 話不多, 但大家都會聽你說 = Rethinking quiet : success is an inside job / 張瀞仁. HF5382.693 .Z42 2018
73 從喜歡旅遊開始 : 如何將旅遊變成自己的事業? / 作者張樂芹. G155.5 .Z43 2016
74 從此不加班的IPO工作術 : IBM前首席顧問教你用15分鐘完成1小時的工作 / 清水久三子著 ; 謝敏怡譯. HD69.T54 S5512 2018
75 我每天都想離職 : 終身職不存在! 不當社畜, 培養隨時可離職的工作體質 / 朴英祿著 ; 黃子玲譯. HF5384 .P3512 2018
76 投考公務員題解EASY PASS : 基本法測試 = Common recruitment examination and basic law test / Mark Sir著. JQ1539.5.A69 E8785 2017
77 挑戰!我要當動畫師 : 認識動畫產業裡的8種職業 / 作者Aristo ; 譯者, 賴姵瑜. NC1765 .A4512 2016
78 斜槓的50道難題 : 你最想知道的成為斜槓青年關鍵提問, 關鍵思考與實踐方法 = 50 puzzles of slashie : how to be a slashie answers to the big questions you want to know most for having multiple careers / 安納金, 愛瑞克, 黃常德著. BF637.S4 A56 2018
79 斜槓青年 : 全球職涯新趨勢, 迎接更有價值的多職人生 = Slash / Susan Kuang著. BF637.S4 K83 2017
80 機器人即將搶走你的工作 : 影響全球數十億人的 7 大自動化技術發展, 現在開始重新定義工作目的, 幸福慢活 = Robots will steal your job, but that's ok : how to survive the economic collapse and be happy / 費德里科・皮斯托諾著 ; 李芳齡譯. HD6331 .P5712 2016
81 機艙服務員投考全攻略 = Cabin crew entry manual / 航空男著. HD8039.A43 H3542 2016
82 求職面試 : 快速充電寶典 / 作者孫裕盟. HF5549.5.I6 S86 2016
83 沒定性是種優勢 : 獻給還不知道未來要做什麼的人 / 艾蜜莉・霍布尼克著 ; 朱靜女譯. HF5381 .W3712 2018
84 深度職場力 : 拋開熱情迷思, 專心把自己變強! / 卡爾・紐波特 ; 洪慧芳譯. HF5381 .N49712 2018
85 畢業不怕失業 : 除了學歷, 你更需要的是職場即戰力 / 王乾任著. HF5381 .W362 2016
86 職場如此殘忍, 你要無可取代 / 趙穎著. HF5549.5.C35 Z44 2019
87 職場有故事 : 9個職業的入行竅訣 / 鄭家倩著. HF5381 .Z44 2018
88 職場路路通 = My way my say / 李志強. HF5386 .L5 2016
89 職業字典. 機場篇 / 香港青年協會編著. HD8039.A482 H655 2018
90 自創思維 : 人生是永遠的測試版, 瞬息萬變世界的新工作態度 / 雷德・霍夫曼, 班・卡斯諾查著 ; 洪慧芳譯. HF5384 .H6312 2016
91 自我介紹的技術 / 橫川裕之 ; 楊毓瑩譯. HF5386 .Y6512 2016
92 薪水高的人都這樣自我介紹! : 把內向、慢熟、不會說話變優點! 這樣自我介紹, 讓你找到好工作、搶到大訂單, 打造超強人脈 / 立川光昭著 ; 蔡孟婷譯. BF697.5.S44 T3312 2016
93 被科技威脅的未來 : 人類沒有工作的那一天 / 馬丁・福特 ; 李芳齡譯. HD6331 .F5812 2016
94 設計生意經 : 空間設計師的創業獲利提案 / 基斯・葛蘭內特著 ; 郭玢玢譯. NK1173 .G7312 2016
95 這份工作, 你真的想做一輩子嗎? : 最勵志的轉職指引, 讓你的職涯下半場更加閃亮 / 麥克・路易斯著 ; 張明心譯. HF5384 .L49512 2018
96 邊個想返工 : 拆解職場新丁49道難題 / 伍詠光 [and 4 others]. HF5386 .W89 2017
97 錄取通知 : 了解人氣企業的招數, 9成找工作的煩惱就會消失! / 洪翔著. HF5549.5.I6 H66 2016
98 香港教育法. 教師註冊及僱傭合約篇 / 林壽康、 余惠萍. KNQ9345 .L56 2017